Lakka Sound Connection Problem

Hello everyone,

I am a noob Linux user that needs help with Lakka sound connection issue. In school I have downloaded Lakka on an old arcade machine so that my classmates can play some old retro games during our breaks. I have tried to solve this issue for almost 2 weeks and now I really feel like there’s no hope for me to explore anymore, that is why I am posting in this forum. I have tried to change audio device but each time I do that I get the error: “- sh: audio_device not found”. I got a little bit helped by this thread “No audio device detected”. Below is a picture of the audio logs and some commands I been trying to use to solve this issue. I used Windows command prompt by typing ssh [email protected] and I accessed Lakka from there.

I also tried to fix any of the settings in Lakka’s GUI, but did not seem to find a solution for it.

Lakka also runs on the newest update release which is 4.0. By the way I’m running Lakka on a Raspberry Pi 3 model B.

Some random pictures I took for more information:

Hi @Ramin :slight_smile:

is your setup using analog audio out? if so, you need to add:


into config.txt located in the root of the FAT32 (LAKKA) partition. You can edit this file in any text editor, but make sure there are no other lines between these two.

If you want to edit this file via ssh, you need to do following:

  1. make the partition read-write by mount -o remount,rw /flash (the LAKKA partition is mounted at /flash)
  2. edit the file using nano, i.e. nano /flash/config.txt (add those two lines at the end of the file, exit by ctrl+x, followed by y (yes - save the file) and hitting enter (confirm the file name).
  3. reboot

after reboot, in RetroArch go to Settings -> Audio -> Output -> Device and key in default:CARD=Headphones. you may or may not need to restart RetroArch, but from now on the audio should be routed through the analog output.

Our documentation has lots of useful information, including tips for Raspberry Pi.


Thank you so much, it worked

Glad I could help, feel free to reach out at any time. You can also join the community on the discord - - channel #lakkatv, where you can chat and get live support from many Lakka users.