Live usb doesnt boot

I downloaded the lakka image for PC (tested bot 32 and 64 verrsion), installed it on a fat32 32GB USB (tested several different usb, both size and maker). Plugged that USB into the PC and let it run and after a couple of hours it boots.

BUT, if i quit lakka or try to reboot, the PC takes forever to get to POST and sometimes it doesnt fint the USB. Other times it takes forever to get the message of installing or live boot lakka and it never get into Lakka, screen is just black. If i remove the stick my regular OS boot.

What is the problem?

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I have the same sort of problem, computer says no system disk, i think they are missinforming us that lakka’s syslinux bootloader supportsnon-ufi. Annoyingly i can’t start a new thread! Your problem maybe a kernel panic such as when lakka (linux) effs up the boot process like enumerating hardware and drives.

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It looks to me that Lakka cant correctly make a partition on the usb if its over 8GB. It reservs about 250MB for the boot and 7GB for lakka as “storage”, hoever this isnt created on 32GB flashdrives. You might have to make this partition manually and copy the files from a working stick if you want larger storage.

FYI: 3 of my 32gb is completly corupted after atempting to use them for Lakka, they cant be corectly detected by either windows or ubuntu anymore. However, if i use a 8GB flash drive everything works flawless.

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I use live mode with a 128GB Samsung Fit flash drive, doesn’t boot on my main PC, but works fine with my smaller build. My issue is my GTX 1050Ti is causing it to stay on the flower logo.

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@r4ptor : Did you try to use Plop to boot to usb ?

@DerpStation: Pascal graphic cards will be supported when we switch to kernel 4.12.

It Wont boot up for you since ur running a Pascal based gpu … not supported yet… ;(

Same thing here. The USB is not detected or not bootable. Tried this on 2 pc’s and doesn’t work. I tried making the USB drive bootable with a Linux distribution and it worked, so it’s not the drive i’ts the image of Lakka that is the problem.

Any update to support the GTX 1050i yet?

@Magichat06 When LibreELEC version 9 is released.

@Magichat06 You may test this build.

I have somewhat similar problem. I follow all the directions. I write lakka on a usb drive but when finished multiple partitions pop up asking me to format them. Regardless of what I do I cannot boot lakka from the usb drive.

Same problem here… using 16GB SanDisk drive at the first time it boots gives me “expanding /storage” then restarts and BAAAAM! the disk is corrupted…no matter what PC I use looks like it’s a problem with Lakka itself not the target hardware of the PC.

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Are you also trying to run it on a Pascal based GPU?

intel celeron 2.2GHz with intel GM45 graphics chip

Are pascal GPUs still not supported? I’m having problems booting using live USB on my desktop, but on my laptop it runs fine

Gouchi gave you the link to the Nvidia-based builds that integrate the drivers for your graphics cards.