Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Yes, I have the main Integer Scale setting turned off and I didn’t tweak any IS setting in the preset. I only did the cropping as you told me to.

Yeah you’re right, they didn’t update that installer link in “Download Stable” button for some reason. But if you scroll down and click on “Installer (64/32bit)”, that’s the one that’s updated.

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Thank you for your work on this! Super awesome and a dream come true with the reflective bezel!

That said, being a huge user of Analog Shader Pack v. 3 and heavy modifications to some of the output into custom profiles, I was wonder if it would be possible…

a) To have some VGA monitor masks implemented. I use Retroarch for dosbox and am pretty darn satisfied with how good it looks nowadays. I’ll post an example below of what I’m talking about.

b) True interlacing emulation where one line is drawn on frame #1 and then second line drawn on frame #2, vice versa alternating, etc. This requires a solid 60 fps to be maintained for clarity, but when emulating RGB monitors (80s era technology used especially on PC and arcade monitors) and television sets, this makes a huge difference in image fluidity and is quite noticeable having grown up with CRTs.

Example of early 90s VGA monitor shaders, the little grains make a huge difference in realism:

Example of RGB monitor shaders, I’m still not completely satisfied, and this only captures up 1/2 the interlacing:

Here is an example of my RGB shader in action, but alas video capture causes jitter whereas on my monitor there is none:

As you can see, MegaBezel would be perfect for my Dosbox setup as I have always wanted reflection on the borders, and this would enable me to do this but I need proper tube shaders to go with.

Thanks again for all your work and appreciate it much.


There is already a preset in the Mega Bezel pack, which may satisfy you. It is called “Nesguy__Aperture__Low-TVL__Mask-7__Dbl-Phosphor-Width__N0”.

It is found under the folder “Presets”, then “Experimental” and then “Nesguy”.

It looks like this:

IMHO this Preset can be used with all classic games and always looks great and is not too different from your shader (I made a screenshot of your Youtube Video for comparison):

And there are tons of options to tweak the setting either to your liking.


Online I have found a picture taken of a true CRT TV:

And the shader preset I mentioned looks like this in comparison (open the picture in a new tab or better download it, so it looks clean):

I think the shader comes pretty close to a true CRT TV.


And another comparison of my (sold) Bang & Olufsen MX4000 and the shader preset:

Color temperature is a bit cool in the shader (8000K) and can be tweaked to 6500K also. In many games I like the cooler Color temperature though.


I’m also a former Analog Shader Pack user who decided to make my own CRT shader presets to overcome that loss. You can try my RGB - Sharp, Composite - Sharp or Arcade - Raw presets and see if they’re suitable for your purposes. There are also a few other presets with different looks as well. Feel free to check them all out. The best part is that they’re made for HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader!

They’re available here:

Cyberlab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack

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I’m now fine tuning the shader preset and I’m amazed by how good the Trinitron phosphor dots look now.

This is the stock setting:

And this is with enhanced Trinitron Phophor:

Download the pictures and view them Fullscreen.

This is a picture taken with a Camera of my 4K OLED displaying the shader with Prince of Persia:


To turn interlacing on you need to change the interlace mode and make sure the interlace threshold is low enough compared to the core resolution to trigger it.

I’m really glad you are trying @Nesguy’s presets he has done some great ones trying to simulate behaviour of specific crt attributes.


I think it does look really good for now and I’m tired of tuning for now :blush: But you have to open the pictures in a new tab (right click on the picture and then “open link in a new tab”) and then click on the + Button to enlarge it. Then you can see the full glory of every individual phosphor.


My friends… I am wondering if you good people could have a look at this video and tell me if the effects on show from 3:20 are achievable with HSM? Please notice the flickering and jitter effects around that time stamp:

The shaders in that vid were made with the old CGP format, and newer RA builds don’t support it.

Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:

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CRT royale NTSC should still be supported afaik

As crt-royale is still supported.

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Thanks for the info. I can adjust a scaling parameter to create some jitter with some of the slang royale ones, but feels along way off from that effect.

Hi there, this effect should be achievable with the next release which includes @guest.r’s great Guest DrVenom NTSC shader :slight_smile:

Once that is available to you, I think changing the NTSC mode will create this effect.


Thanks, HSM! I look forward to it :slight_smile:


You can take a look at this while you await the arrival of the next HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader release!

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Can someone use this great shader on Nvidia shield or Xbox one x? The latest version i cant do it to run, but previous version ran well on both plattforms…


Could you do me a favour and get a log from when you try to load the shader? That could give me a hint of what might be going on

The amount of options of the HSM shader are very satisfying :blush:

I managed to get it very close to a true Sony Trinitron CRT TV.

This is a screenshot of my 4K OLED displaying a tweaked HSM shader preset:

This is what a standard Preset without tweaks of the HSM Shader looks like:

As you guys can see, there is plenty of room to perfect the shader even further.

And this is a Screenshot of a real Sony Trinitron CRT, just look how small the difference is between a tweaked HSM shader and the CRT:

The setting in the shader menu called “HSM_POST_CRT_BRIGHTNESS” is pure gold, as this can let the individual phosphors really glow and shine, similar to the real ones.

I hope you will test my tweaked preset with a 4K Display out and post some feedback :blush:



Thanks a lot and great work! Keep it up! I’ll take your preset for a spin when I get a chance! Perhaps this is the exact setting I’ve been looking for to brightness match my old new presets with my old ones without messing things up!

You’re really rubbing it in now. My 4K OLED stopped working last week. I’m actually getting by with my 4K IPS TV though. It has it’s perks and my presets look great even on this one!

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In the preset text file it is called “HSM_POST_CRT_BRIGHTNESS” but if you go from Retroarch into the menu it is only called “CRT Brightness”. I think this is a kind of contrast enhancer, which brightens up the bright elements in the picture.

Next thing I will try are the HDR settings of my TV. Maybe the TV can light up the bright pixels of the image more and make it look even more authentic.

I hope you have warranty on the OLED to get it repaired or exchanged.