Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

I found some issue with rev 3. Dos game’s scanline effect doesn’t work at all. It happens with every core(core/pure/svn) mask effect is fine. Is this a just bug or I miss something?


It’s likely that the scanline effect is working but the internal res is high enough that it looks absent. DOS games ran at 640x480 so 2X the resolution of the output from most other cores.

You can adjust the [CORE RES SAMPLING] Opposite Direction Multiplier and see if it helps.

This is a current screenshot so it obviously works. If this doesn’t solve your issue can you post a screenshot so we can see what you’re seeing?


oh I checked It works by adjusting that option. But as we can see the screenshot, It’s a little bit of…Image seems not showing clean focus. It’s hard to find the right words to describe that.

But anyway, scanline is supposed to come with 240p, not 480p. I don’t think I’ve ever seen scanline while playing a game on a PC. So it’s not a big deal and maybe it’s natural thing. :smiley:


PC screens used dot masks instead of slot masks or an aperture grille. Even 4K screens don’t have enough pixels to really emulate one well.

You can try switching to a Lottes mask for a more authentic dot look.

Masks 1 and 4 work each work well enough depending on resolution. You may have tweak the aforementioned setting to get them to look right.

BTW. Apparently some apogee games ran at 240. :grin:


Also, don’t trust the screenshot that has the IBM monitor. (Focus) I am using independent screen and bezel curvature so that can mess with the CRT shader a bit.

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Or you can even try my Computer Monitor presets with my prebaked tweaks as a starting point once I update them to cater to a change in the latest 0.9.092 24-12-21 Rev 3 HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader. They’re in the Experimental folder. but you can use the updated version I just posted on my thread until the rest of the Mega Bezel Package is updated. @razaigon


I want to clarify, that not all PC monitors were dotmask to my knowledge. Afaik Sony did aperture grille tubes for PC monitors (Dell used Sony’s tubes as well for their monitors.)

Does this really matter to the current conversation? Dunno, but info is info :joy:

I will agree that the majority of the market was dotmask monitors.


Yep, there were Trinitrons, I had two 20" before I upgraded to my first pair of LCDs. The vast majority though had a dot-pitch… so a dot mask.

Dell entered the PC market in 1996. Relatively late in the day for DOS.


BTW… Happy holidays my friend! :partying_face:


Happy Holidays, friends!

Thanks @hunterk , @guest.r , @Duimon , @HyperspaceMadness for your awesome work :+1:

Loving the glass NTSC preset


Does that mean that all Dell crt monitors were made from Sony? I guess only certain models right?

Here’s an updated table of presets and their old counterparts:


Thanks for the update @HyperspaceMadness ! I just tried the CyberLab__RGB-Sharp__1440p__PVM-Edition__ADV.slangp but it does not look good at all, it’s extremely blurry. The old version from @Cyber looks better.

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Hi @Tromzy, you can use the updated Shader Preset Package on my thread in the meantime. The blurriness is due to a very recent change in settings behaviour in HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader. I’ve updated my presets to cater for this.

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Okay, so I just read Cyber’s topic and my issue is the same as @Fab. So I toned down the Downsample Blur from 100 to 34 and the blurriness disappeared !


Thanks @HyperspaceMadness , I don’t know if you saw it but I posted an updated Shader Preset Pack earlier for you.

Don’t worry. Pretty soon I’ll learn how to do commits and pull requests. Lol


It’s not related to rev3, but I want to share one thing.

I have a sony pvm-14l2. And I tried tweaking my hsm preset color to make it look like 14l2. Of course, the color profile of guest.r was useful, but it seemed to be lacking somewhere.

Then I combined it with the shader’s post crt brightness option and got good results. I don’t know the mechanism of that option, but it seems to be clearly different from simple brightness.

The picture above is PVM-14L2, and the picture below is my lg monitor.

Wow, Isn’t it close enough?


Very nice! I love the side by side comparison! :heart_eyes:

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Wow! I’m completely blown away by this! It’s like we’ve reached!!

Do you mind sharing your colour tweak settings for future reference?

This is nothing short of amazing!!

Congratulations Team Mega Bezel!!

Sure, This is my settings.

CRT Brightness : 200 / Color Grade : 0(off) / GDV’s Color profile : 5 / Color temperature(WP) : 25 / Saturation adjustment : 90 / Strentgh GlOW : 0 / Scanline type : 1 / Scanline beam max: 1.5 / Horizontal sharpness : 7.8 / Mask type : 5 / Mask strength : 0.15

However, the color is significantly affected by the user’s environment. So I would like to comment precisely on the monitor settings.

  1. My monitor is currently in srgb emulation mode. And I set it to 6500k, 160cd, 2.2 gamma through calibration. If you don’t get this right, you won’t get results like my screenshots.

  2. Also, the color temperature of My PVM-14L2 is set to 6500k. Since the color profile of guest.r was made based on a Sony monitor of 9300k, So I raised the white point.(0->25)

  3. Furthermore, these settings were implemented in hsm shaders of previous version. Therefore, It is difficult to apply to the current hsm mega bezel. In particular, sharpness could be different. cause as some have mentioned, there is a blurry issue now.