Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

By the way, if you’re using deconvergence, you might want to temporarily disable it while trying to verify what’s going on with your subpixels/mask interaction. Deconvergence settings can also lead to issues like this.

Thanks for looking this up but yeah I am sure that my RGB layout is pretty standard. I’ve taken a close up pic of the pixels and it is clearly standard-spaced RGB. Just zoom in on this pic and look:

This problem seems to be something else because even with the mask size set to 4, mask #11 looks like this: The yellow pixels are way bigger than any of my LCD pixels.

Also on several of these masks, when a blue row bumps against a red row it makes magenta, even with a big mask size. You can see it in that pic that there is a single column of magenta between the red and blue. That is the issue I think that is causing my problem. It’s okay when the mask is huge like that pic, but when the pixels are just two pixels wide and one of them turns purple then that is the issue.

I’ve checked that deconvergence is off.

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Take some pics with Mask 6 size 1.

It’s green/magenta:

On my surface pro, which is a completely different display, on mask size 1 it produces green/magenta and with mask size 2, it produces a purple line where the blue abuts the red:

A few thoughts.

First off. I don’t think this is a shader issue so doesn’t really belong here.

Second. I would suggest loading some of the community presets that are based on Guest ADV. Instead of trying to reinvent the wheel why don’t you see if someone else has a solution already.

If you find something you like you can mirror their settings. It just needs to be done once and you are a happy camper. :grin:

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Nope, in this case it’s definitely not. Some of us here literally live with this shader so we’ll probably find issues like these in our daily use and testing if it did in fact have anything to do with the shader.

Try my preset pack which has been tested, verified and vetted by yours truly to work as I expect and see if you have similar results. If you still do then it’s definitely something going on your end. Maybe you might need to setup RetroArch and Mega Bezel again. Remember updating Mega Bezel requires you to delete the old folders.

Try these and see, you can also try with a fresh install and you can report your findings in the CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack thread.


Hi all the survey closes soon on Aug 1st.

Please respond if you are interested in helping influence the future of the Mega Bezel!


Could I flip the screen, tate mode, with mega bezel? I want bigger screen for vertical games. Have a monitor with a stand that you can easily rotate the monitor. Have not tried yet, must move my hyperspin setup to another PC.


Yes you can do this no problem.

Just set your windows desktop to portrait, and make sure the retroarch video aspect ratio is still set to FULL.

You may also want to set the Preset is for Monitor Portrait Mode to 1 if you are going to use it with an arcade type vertical graphic

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For the glass presets, is there any way to have the borders be a blown up version of the game window as opposed to reflections? Something like this (quick PS mockup).


Yes there is a reflection scale parameter, just increase it and voila

Here it is before:

Here it is scaled:

Here it is on driving games:


Okay, modified it. Is there a way to remove the little edge on the frame and the diagonal strip in the reflection?


Yeah, start with the Glass-Minimal-Bezel-Edge__ADV-GLASS.slangp preset in the variations folder, and reduce the glass background opacity to 0.

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okay, think I finally got it where I want it. Thanks.

For settings, choose the minimal bezel edge, turn off curve and set integer scale to both axis and the scale to 1. For reflection amount set that from 100 to 150 (for 1080p

another image (excuse the weird timing, windows screenshot tool doesn’t work super well with RA

Heres the preset file if anyone wants it:

#reference "shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Variations/Glass-Minimal-Bezel-Edge__ADV-GLASS.slangp"
HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE = "2.000000"
HSM_GLASS_BORDER_ON = "0.000000"
HSM_BG_BLEND_MODE = "0.000000"

Anyone have any experience running HSM with the latest AMD drivers/GPUs? I’m having a hell of a time running with Vulkan, HDMI 2.1 @ 4k 120hz without any shaders (frame skipping) and HSM crashes Retroarch. At my wits end and am considering returning my RX 6650 xt. :persevere:

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Don’t return it just yet. What graphics card did you upgrade from? Did you use DDU before changing graphics cards?

What preset are you trying to use in HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader?

What core?

Are you using Native Internal Resolution?

Is the graphics card stable under Unigine Haven, FireStrike, Blender and other benchmarks, stress tests and games?

Lastly, can you post a log file?

Yeah, I did the whole shebang. I’m pretty experienced with PC hardware and even though I had some mild issues with AMD (ATI) in the past, I decided to give em a chance. Opengl is stable but then I can’t use HDR. Funny enough I got it mostly for RetroArch since I ended up getting a PS5 during the GPU shortage and don’t intend to spend too much to play mostly the same games. Worse yet, VRR doesn’t work on AMD with my LG C9 (wish I did more research).

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How quickly does it crash? You can try lowering your GPU and VRAM clocks and see if it there is any improvement. Alternatively, you can try lowering the VRAM Clock for the highest P-State then increasing the voltage even all the way and see if it still crashes using AMD Adrenalin Driver’s Performance Tuning section.

The games run fine they don’t crash unless I try to load HSM which I think it means AMD has issues with Vulcan. HSM loads just fine under glcore. But as I said before I can’t use HDR with glcore and so it’s kind of a gimped setup. Anyway thanks for chiming in.

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Hello! I have a little problem… When I want to play arcade games in 4:3 aspect I have no problem… as seen in the image below… the game runs perfectly and the background image looks fine.

Now the little problem I have is with shooting games. When starting the game, the screen automatically puts it in the aspect ratio of the shooting game I use, in this case the game is Dogyuun, but the same thing happens to me with all shooting games… for me this ratio is perfect aspect… but… my little problem is that it doesn’t detect the background image that I put in the game and by default it shows the black background image that you see below…

My question is what should I do to see the background image in this aspect ratio? By the way, here is an image of how I have the configuration with which I load the shader.

That’s the little problem I have with the background image.