Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

I’m using super XBR Ntsc

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Is there a way that fake scanlines interlace? On my Dreamcast I see them moving. Taking fake scanlines off I see a kind of flickering, but looks a bit off…

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At this point you seem to want an LCD which is a progressive, sample and hold display technology to have a scanning electron gun or at least to appear or behave as if it uses one.

There will always be differences in the characteristics of the image because of the vast difference in the technology behind them. What I do to simulate the movement of true interlacing is use noise very sparingly. So the image is never truly 100% static in my presets. It may not evoke the same feelings but at least it doesn’t give me headaches like CRT monitors at 60Hz used to back in the day.

After getting used to 85Hz and above, I could actually see the flicker of a display at 60Hz. That would always be a horrible experience.


Well I’ll try my best without it then. On live, my CRT almost you can’t apreciate the flickering of the scanlines only if I make a photo to the screen. It’s just me being too much perfeccionist :sweat_smile: I’ll try my best…


Hi all, apologies if this has been answered in the thread - would take far too long to go through whole thing! Has anyone here used Megabezels reflection shaders on Steam Deck? If so, how? I already have hundreds of Orionangels overlays on my arcade games - the thought of having to do them all over again with the reflection shaders versions of his overlays is a painful thought, lol. Is there an easier way?

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I am afraid you are out of luck finding an easy way of getting the reflection shaders versions up and running.

@hgoda90 has done some presets involving @Orionsangel’s arcade overlays. It may be as close as you will find.


Damn! That’s unfortunate. Oh well, will leave it for a bit then re-do it all when I have the time.

People have, given this video:

Steam Deck: Emulación en RetroArch con reflejos - HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader :sparkles: - YouTube

I also think @schM0ggi may have had it running at some point

CRT shader for Steam Deck (and possibly low res display)


More Experiments with Downsampling Y and X to viewport width.

Original (1440x1080)

Downsampled to 320x240

Downsampled to Viewport 1920 (viewport) x 240

  • Magic Glow!

Or another example

Original (640x480)

Downsampled to 320x240

Downsampled to Viewport 1920 (viewport) x 240

  • @guest.r’s Magic Glow! Really punches up the whites

  • More Magic Glow!


This looks extremely good!!!



Mega Bezel is updated to V1.10.0_2023-02-04


  • Guest Advanced updated to crt-guest-advanced-2023-02-01-release1
    • Includes the new Magic Glow feature which is really fantastic
      • Turn Magic Glow on and Increase the Glow amount to see the effect
  • DREZ presets updated to use @guest.r’s G-Sharp-Resampler, which allows more control over how sharp or smooth the downsample is
  • Added DREZ presets which keep the horizontal resolution
    • Helpful for applying to modern games, these two are good to try
      • Presets\Base_CRT_Presets_DREZ\MBZ__3__STD__GDV__DREZ_X-VIEWPORT_Y-240p.slangp
      • Presets\Base_CRT_Presets_DREZ\MBZ__3__STD__GDV__DREZ_X-VIEWPORT_Y-480p.slangp
    • Also looks good on MVC2, try Presets\Base_CRT_Presets_DREZ\MBZ__3__STD__GDV__DREZ_X-VIEWPORT_Y-240p.slangp
  • Updated preset capability and performance table
  • Added contrast for signal noise

Go to the first post here for links to the package and install instructions. Please make sure to read the install & setup instructions

Some examples of the downsample

4K input

4K input and Added Mask, not tuned much

Downsampled, x = viewport, y = 480

Downsampled, x = viewport, y = 320

Downsampled, x = viewport, y = 240


I’ve had a hard time finding a Dreamcast setup that I was happy with, but the DREZ Viewport 480 has nailed it for me, I think. Thank you.


quick test with the magicglow and the vector preset :upside_down_face:


Wow! Can you share your vector preset + the magic glow setting?


When running a DREZ preset with tighter scanlines, if they are a bit clumpy instead of evenly spaced, is there a parameter that will offset that effect?

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where is the vector preset? and what is it for?

I made a setting for Dreamcast with Downrez 240p. So far so Good…


Damn you nailed it! MvC2 looks amazing now. Thank you so much.



its for vector display based games and fbneos high res mode


Wow, this is amazing!!!. Magic glow and downrez are just awesome… :heart_eyes: