Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

I’ve been working on putting some very basic dynamics into the fake scanlines, basically making the scanlines not as strong when it gets bright, which ends up making them look thicker.

Here are some snapshots.


Does anyone have a high level of interest in simulating this type of bezel that @ElectricKeet posted?

It would probably require an extra parameter or 2.


I don’t think anyone will ever say no to more options but if you are continuing to develop more into this awesome shader more bezel’s wouldn’t be my first choice. I am partial to the organic layers the newpixie-crt shader adds to scan-lines and I feel that give more a retro tv vibe than the bezels.

On the other hand I’ll never say no to new options regardless of you what you prefer to add.


Could you post some examples of the newpixie-crt shader ?

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It’s a new shader that popped up into the crt folder. (I guess it’s been there for less than a month and I just updated by slang shaders. Did hunterk make it?)

I’d post screenshot but I don’t think it’s effective as seeing in action because it has rolling crt lines and a monitor accumulation blur. Maybe i had a TV just like it when I was a kid, but it’s one of the best “Old CRT” shaders I’ve used.

I like how it looks on highres content like Dreamcast as well.

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I tested the newpixie-crt shader, it certainly has a very nostalgic retro vibe, something like the old RF signal, I don’t know for sure, here’s a picture as you asked! (The overlay is from your shader @HyperspaceMadness) Sem-t-tulo

I think it would be a nice add to your shader!


Sure thing, I’ll put it on my list, the shader looks nice! CRT-Geom-deluxe is at the top of the list as the next crt shader to implement.


That is one cool retro bezel! I think it would be perfect for using on 8-bit systems.

Are you sure you can spare the parameters?

Speaking of bezels…lol.

BTW. Your WIP shots look amazing!

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Thanks :smile:

Just to let you know, I’m setting up to have the one Gamma for the screen, and one for the background and bezel.

Gamma is so much fun :roll_eyes:


I just wanted to reiterate how much I appreciate the effort you put into maintaining this shader! Thank you. :+1:

BTW, I noticed that you removed the LUT and color management options from the guest shader. I understand that you have your own spin on this idea but I really miss the ability to convert the gamut from Adobe RGB and DCI-P3. I used to use the CRT profiles too.

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Ah, if you like the gamut stuff I can try to squeeze that back in.

When I tested the crt profiles I couldn’t really tell much difference between them…

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I tried to combine newpixie-crt with ntsc-adaptive. No dice. Love the feel of newpixie, but it just looks too HD on its own for my taste.

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I suppose you are right, so to make it clear what we are suggesting here to @HyperspaceMadness is a late 80’s early 90’s TV looks, so the RF signal? We already have composite emulated with GTU.


I’m down with that and all, but I was just talking about newpixie-crt. I like the way it looks, but the color goes nuts when you combine it with ntsc-adaptive. Just one of those little things I find annoying. I’m like, “Oh, this looks awesome, if only it worked with Genesis dithering and was maybe just a little less pixely.” I love the composite look, and I love the glow of newpixie and others like it, but newpixie glitches out the color when combined into some kind of green red mess, and others that do work together fail to do so without turning Kirby’s Dream Land 3 and Mario World into washed out, white soaked eye bombardment. Just one of those things.


That’s because the ‘accumulate’ pass of newpixie needs to be changed to accommodate the additional passes in front. That is, PassFeedback1 needs to be PassFeedback3.


Thank you hunterk. I posted my newpixie results in the crt show-off thread to not clog up this one with talk about other shaders.



The Mega Bezel is updated to V2020-05-23


  • Guest’s CRT Color Profiles and Color Spaces are back and will now appear in all shaders, including easymode, royale, lcd
  • Hopefully got Gamma sort of working correctly, the CRT Gamma is now 2.4 by default
  • Added new blend modes to top image blend modes which allow putting the top image under the reflection
  • Interlace Trigger Resolution is back and appears for all shaders, the extra fake scanlines also looks at this, so the extra scanlines and interlace are now hooked together and extra scanlines will not appear under the trigger resolution. It defaults to 600, so any high res content (over 480p) will show up with fake scanlines. I did this because I find that 480p with regular scanlines still looks pretty good. This is hooked up in Guest Venom and Easymode, we’ll have to see how this works with various kinds of content
  • MDAPT Mode is 1 by default, this blends the checkerboard dithering pattern, and has minimal false positives.
  • Black level is -0.07 by default which puts very slight scanlines in the black backgrounds and gives a little separation between the screen and the black edge around the screen
  • Negative Crop Brightness is adjusted to match this black level so you can do negative cropping without weirdness
  • Guest-Venom Put in an option to automatically switch between mask size based on final resolution, e.g. 2k vs 4k, this is on by default
  • Guest-Venom the mask is set to 7 (Trinitron) by default

I wanted to say an extra big thanks to @guest.r for his work on guest-venom and the color work he did which is what is integrated here

Guest-Venom Auto Mask Size image image

Color Space Options

Legend of Mana 640x480 Core Res - Normal

Legend of Mana 640x480 Core Res - Interlace Trigger Reduced to 400, Fake Scanlines Visible

Legend of Mana Core Res Vertical Res Halved - Normal Scanlines

Metroid Prime Core 1080p Fake Scanlines

Super Mario Fake Scanlines


You have been a busy and productive man!!!

Love the new scanline features. Just amazing!


SNES night using only the top image layer with the new features!

New masking worked exactly as we hoped. :grin:

Just edit the slangp, set the blend and mask, and boom! (I did need to reduce the inner bezel edge to zero. Not a deal breaker in any way.)


This is because your texture was not appearing on the inner edge? If so I can fix this

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