Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Sorry, I wanted to tell everybody I was getting like 10 degrees less in temp with these “clean drivers” but it turns out my resolution was 1080p, not 4k. Getting regular temp now :roll_eyes:

Make sure your GPU is clocking down when you aren’t using it. In “Power Management Mode”, make sure it’s on “Optimal”. These clean drivers give me slightly more fps (only a few, like 1-5fps), and slightly lower temps ( a few degrees lower) since the GPU is now able to go into power saving mode properly - there isn’t anything in the background using GPU cycles.

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Thank you! I changed that… I do get better temperatures after all. I’m at 45 degrees while writing this using two monitors and 4k, cannot complain at all :smiley:

Just to show… Splatterhouse with the Nintendo Switch bezel and… HSM shader in Night mode ! Integer scale respected (1152x896).


On the web, i’ve seen a 4k bezel of Mortal Kombat. After a little work, suitable for HSM Shader (Night Mode) and still integer scale respected (1200x762) !


This one may look nice in arcade cabinets. I will try later.

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I love this PSX Overlay! is there any way i can use this instead of the standard Mega Bezel? These bezels are amazing man!


Yup @ledoeye ,

You can find all these awesome graphics in @Duimon’s Github

You can find the link to the Github in the second post

He might even have a preset already set up for this I’m not sure.

If not what you will need to do is copy the preset you use and open the .slangp in a text editor and change the background texture in the file to use the PSX image, and set the LED image to the PSX LED image, the Night Mode is also dialed up to like 95% here.

Thanks a lot @HyperspaceMadness!

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Hi @HyperspaceMadness, I finally found out what was causing my weird uneven scanlines effect with Crt-Royale (my edited “Kurozumi” version) ! It turns out the problem happens when I disable Integer Scaling in the general video section of RA, like I am supposed to when using your shaders. After enabling Integer Scaling, the problem completely goes away !

Here are some comparative pictures (taken with my phone) with Super Metroid :

The first picture is when I enable Integer scaling : no weird uneven lines ; the second one is when I disable it : the weird lines appear.

What is strange is that the image size does not even change, since the integer scaling is enabled anyway in your shader preset !

The downside is that your bezel does not cover the whole screen with Integer Scaling enabled in the general Video section, as you can see in the first picture.


Hmmm… I’ll have to try to figure out what is going on here to get better results, because “technically” it should not matter, but obviously it does matter as it is different as you are showing.

What resolution are you running on your monitor, and what are your shader integer scaling settings?

Thanks for taking the time to show this to me! :slight_smile:

Edit: @hunterk is there a retroarch integer scale mode which is larger than the screen? I’m going to look into the issue Tromzy is showing, it’s really weird :frowning:

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No problem ! My screen resolution is 2560*1440, here are my scaling parameters in the preset : HSS_INT_SCALE_MODE = “1.000000”






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Only if you do integer+custom. The current integer setup is a floor() function rather than a round().


Hey again @HyperspaceMadness, so i’m playing Tomb raider 2 and i notice that when i use one of the Mega bezel presets there is a lot of dithering is there any way to remove it?


Try increasing the [ MDAPT ] mode to be more permissive about blending dithering. You can also turn on [ TV PROCESS GTU ] and adjust the signal resolution and this will add some horizontal blurring to help blend things.

If this still isn’t enough you could try to use one of the SEGA CD presets, they are set up to try to smooth out really harsh content. It has a ps1 box filter in it, and it also has some of GTU blurring in it. You may need to adjust the settings so that it doesn’t have such a crazy big bezel.


Thanks @HyperspaceMadness!


The beta shader is un-freaking real. So much can be now done with multiple layers. Here is my current night shader running my SNES layers.


Hey guys, i’m a hardcore fan of Amstrad. Amstrad CPC 6128 was my fav at it’s time. Easymode is really the best shader for this system. Is there ever a HSM shader (preset, background…) dedicated to this machine planned for the future ? The Spectrum system exists, now place to the Amstrad please :grin:


Request heard! To the top of the list it goes.


With my modest skills, while waiting for the new Grail, adaptation of an overlay of Orion Angel. I’ve just a request for a new one, please CPC 6128, not 464 :grin: