Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Updated the nvidia drivers, didn’t fix the problem.

I’m trying to get the shaders to work with PS1 games. The shaders work with every other system I tested (genesis - picodrive, snes - bsnes and 9x, nes - mesen).

The only PS1 core that worked is PCSX ReARMed. Trying to load the shaders on either of the Beetle PSX cores crashes RA immediately (except presets 3 and 4).

Duckstation locked up and I had to force close RA.


I have a problem here, on Beetle PSX it does not accept this shader, Retroarch closes when selecting any of these shaders

Here I also have the latest version of Retroarch, my video drive is updated

And now a doubt the BSNES core it doesn’t adjust to the game screen, thus remaining



I can’t recreate this. Both Beetle PSX HW & Beetle PSX load DrVenom fine using a fresh install. BSNES works as expected.

I can try these cores out to see… But if it works with some cores but not these then they’re is probably not much I can do to fix it in the shader, because it is probably a conflict between how much the shader is asking, and what the core is asking of the GPU. What graphics card do you have?

So if it looks like this then it means that the core is outputting an image with the black areas like you see here. I don’t think I’ve used the BSNES core before, but maybe look at the core options (quick menu -> options) to see if maybe there is a widescreen option which you can turn off because I think bsnes has a widescreen feature shown here

I had a problem where RA would lock up loading any preset. Happened whenever I tried to change the default texture path. Turned “disable desktop composition” to “ON” and everything was fine. Win7 here if that matters.

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I had to see what this was about. In order to get it to work I had to download the bsnes hd beta from hunterk’s GitHub.

It’s pretty cool. My point is that I don’t think this could be installed accidentally.

(But it probably IS the issue. :grin:)


I have a gtx 1660s

@Duimon Can you give me a screenshot of your core bsnes configuration screen please?

Here’s bsnes.

And here’s the beta hd core.

Is there something in particular you need to see?


Thanks for sending, it helps. Thinking about it here, it would be more fair to play in the original proportion and without black borders, some games have small screen errors. The exact configuration that makes this change would be “widescreen mode” to all.

Now how do I play with the screen in original proportion, and have the Mega Bezel affect the screen, without black borders? I’m going to do tests at home.

*Note that my English may sound a little different, it is not my native language.


I think it will depend on how what the core options do but you have a few options:

Set it to widescreen off, then turn widescreen on and save a game override for the games you want widescreen. Or you could do the opposite.

Another option you have for trimming off edges of the picture is to use the cropping parameters this is especially useful when there are small screen errors on the edges of the screen. If you wanted to use the cropping to trim off the black bars then you would want to increase the left and right cropping, and set the aspect ratio to 4:3 to get a normal screen aspect ratio.

Are you using bnsnes core or the bsnes beta hd core?


I’m using the core bsnes-hd Beta 10.3

I will also test what you told me to do

About the Beetle PSX HW core I will hope that maybe in the future something will work with him.


Are you using beta cores for all your cores? I have no problems with the one’s from the core downloader.

I have little knowledge in the world of emulators.

These nuclei were indicated at the beginning with good configurations, so it always worked well here. In my Blast Em core, from Mega Drive, the Mega Bezel works perfectly well.

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Understood. What I’m asking is if you manually installed the Beetle PSX HW or used the core downloader?

As you can see from my screenshot above, I have no problems.

Most issues can be solved by doing a fresh install and making as few changes to configs as possible.

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I started everything here, then I continued downloading and updating within Retroarch.

I’m thinking of exchanging my Bsnes core for non-HD

My PsOne core gave me a lot of work to configure, I think I will keep it and not use this shader on it, despite wanting a lot, the core works well, even better than the game in its originality. it’s well changed, I have a reasonable machine so I managed to extract a lot of processing from this core.

I think we can assume that the changes (Tweaks) you made are the problem with the shader. If your tweaks are important to you then, of course, don’t use the shader.

It is good to have choices. :wink:

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Yes, we can say that my core is very changed and I can say that the problem is not the shader

I’ve been looking and apparently the source where I learned to install the cores, says to download Bsnes, not Bsnes HD, I don’t know how I ended up installing it here, I’ll try again now with Bsnes normal version

I need this shader working, it brings nostalgic effects :smile:


Yes i have a success


Would this be the most complete shader? I only have a problem because it is darker


You are welcome to use one of my presets if you want something lighter.

It uses DrVenom.


thank you I will test.

I saw here that need a little editing, it’s not a ready-made shader, maybe I can have a difficulty, but I’ll come back here if I succeed.

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