Neko Project II kai (PC-9801) core (different nekop2, meowPC98)


That’s the biggest problem with I’m having with this core, is the inability to actually set controls through the Quick Menu. The only way around was to hard bind the buttons through RetroArch’s Inputs settings, but this would cause other buttons to be swapped for other system cores and remaps I’ve made for them. I also seeing there are problems with certain PC-98 games such as Night Slave which uses the C key during gameplay to select the item currently highlighted from the power-up items you gathered, but without the C key being available, it makes it impossible to upgrade your mech or replenish shields in that game.


Yes that’s annoying…

We have a system in “Controls” that allows to map any keyboard key you would like to use to a gamepad button, but when I tried to make np2kai compatible with that it always crashed on start up.

I think Radius that made that remap code tried as well and had the same crash.


I try to load .hdi file but screen asks “How many file(0-15)?”. I try to type 0,1 and enter but game not run. .fdi file is work.


That usually means your image is missing an autorun or something, or just bad.


The hdi file is a hard disk image.
The fdi file is a floppy disk image.
Please set each file in the correct slot.


Hi all!

Been fiddling with this for a while now to no avail, as there is very little available (esp. digestible!) information. What I’m trying to achieve is loading a CD along with my .hdi for the purposes of playing games like Brandish.

Whether that’s automated in any way, through RA or a frontend like LB, or if it’s something I’ll have to do each time I run the game is fine by me - at this point I just wanna see it run. :sweat_smile:

So I humbly request of a knowledgable person to enlighten me as to how I should go about this, or perhaps update the rather sparse documentation written in somewhat broken English.

And thank you, @AZO234 for making this a possibility to begin with!



:tada:A HAPPY NEW YEAR !! to every retro OTAKUs!!:tada:

For RA, I think that you should create a file describing FD / HD / CD files in m3u file.

However, the m3u file is for FD only.

So, I’d like to create a list with an extension like m3up,
and I hope to be able to mount HD / CD.

m3u (for PC) So m3up. Well.:thinking:

What about using cmd files?
It is a text file written as follows.
np2kai hdilocation/aaa.hdi isolocation/bbb.iso



I am very glad to inform you that your solution worked, and I can now boot up Brandish 2! :smile:

Thank you so much!


I’m … so very Brandish freak too!!
The nice game, it is!! :+1:

But I never seen CD-ROM version.
It is hard to obtain in Japan.


I’m back looking at PX68k.

Can somebody please help me confirm that the core is currently working OK?

My unchanged MacOS setup, latest RetroArch, and I’m just getting black screen (but F12 menu works) in my fairly limited testing.



Working fine here on win7 x64.


OK it is broken in macOS.

(tests using stable versions, config deleted between each launch)

1.7.2 - works 1.7.3 - does not work 1.7.5 - does not work 1.7.6 - does not work

No startup beep when it does not work. Exact screen colour/black/mess varies by game.


To Tesuya79

Hi. There are still many compilation errors, but we will stop updating once. Please pull it to libretro/NP2kai.



I’m not sure to understand, do you want us to:

1-change the buildbot to build on libretro/NP2kai?

2- Pull Azo234/Np2kai into libretro/NP2kai then change the buildbot to build on libretro/NP2kai?


OH, sorry. I said mean is 2.:v:

Now, I enabled buildbot compiling AZO234/NP2kai, success only.
Then, I want to first pull into libretro/NP2kai,
next change buildbot’s fetching libretro/NP2kai.

There is no particular preference.
but it is embarrassing when an error comes out…
please in that order.