Neko Project II kai (PC-9801) core (different nekop2, meowPC98)


I apologize for being busy for a while and taking time to respond.

As @Tetsuya79 said, I got a bit of a loss of health.

In about one month from now, try to solve some existing problems, I’ll release rev.17.
After that, I’ll take a rest for about a year to improve my life.

It is not seriously ill! Because it only spends without thinking about development.
(Just follow my doctor’s extra advice.:stuck_out_tongue:)

Let’s examine the matter of @matt on Linux.

According to @Acris, it seems necessary to investigate recalbox.

I think that @Aethix needs a complicated implementation,
such as which keyboard key should be selected,
implemented by changing the cfg file instead of the UI. extremely difficult.
It can not be realized with rev.17. I’m sorry.

I would like to express our appreciation to those who gave valuable opinions to NP2kai !!
Very very thanks to NP2kai users.
I’LL BE BACK !!:+1:



Thanks a lot for all your work Take care


I see. Thank you for taking the time to respond and for all your hard work on this awesome emulator. Please take care of yourself.


I was thinking about getting a single board computer for PC98 emulation. Can anyone give me some information on the speed and compatibility of this core right now? And maybe a recommendation of what fruit to go for (raspberry, orange, banana)

I’m hoping it will be good enough to run most older games so I can make a standalone unit dedicated to pc98.

Your help would be very much appreciated.


It’s rather expensive cpu wise, a bit similar to DosBox requirement.
A Pi will probably struggle to emulate a cpu above 10~16MHz I think? (I don’t have one, judging from the results I got on my android phone)
So games like Touhou that were made for a DX2 66Mhz will have a hard time running at fullspeed on such devices.


I am sorry that it took time to reply.

Between rev. 14 and 16, WAB was implemented.
It seems that there was a problem with this difference.

When rewind is enabled,
I modified the part that saved NULL buffer to state save.
It never aborts.

However, I cannot confirm the problem when deleting retroarch.cfg.
(These are the same trouble, and it is lucky if it fixed)



I am sorry that it took time to reply.

If FDD2 is empty at startup,
system/np2kai should be displayed when inserting a disk.
It is correct behavior.

However, if a disk is in FDD2 at startup,
that directory of disk image file should be displayed.


Don’t worry about rewind error so much, because there is a workaround (make sure rewind is turned off! :laughing: ).

More important is issue regarding crash I cannot understand or workaround (June 9th).

Wishing you good health! We will be here when you return. #PC98forever


You enabled NP2kai’s 3DS build.
Thank you very much.

I fixed compile error on 3DS building.


Thank you for the quick reply. I wanted something cheap (preferably below 60 usd) and small. What minimum requirements would you recommend for a pc? And do you have any other ideas for alternatives?


I added the ‘Manual’ mode of Joy2Key.
You can assign RETROK key code to each button.

Please edit to the ‘lrjoybtn’ value of system/np2kai/np2kai.cfg file.

Thanks to your nice idea !!


Awesome! I just tried it out and it works perfectly. Thank you so much.

For anyone else who’s having this issue and wants to remap the R button from right shift to left shift for slow movement in Touhou, the configuration value I’m using is:

lrjoybtn = 11 01 12 01 14 01 13 01 78 00 7a 00 20 00 32 01 08 00 30 01 1b 00 0d 00


This core is amazing, thank you for all of your hard work. Will it ever come back to vita? And the vita version currently crashes when trying to save, is there a workaround for this?


The development environment of Vita is inferior to others,
and standard OS functions can not be used.

I’m very inconvenienced to make cores with Vita.


Rev.17 has been released.
I have my rest time from this.

NP2kai core is completed with wisdom of many people.
I am grateful for the success, and thank to the people.

Everyone please stay healthy first.



I have been revived from the grave by @Tetsuya79.:zombie:
I am a very kind zombie.

I fixed that rev.17, did not work on Windows x64.

I go back to grave. :ghost:


Is there any help you can provide with remapping the controls for something the like Rusty? I need my D-pad for movement, X button for attacking, A button to jump, and possibly adding a secondary D-pad Up to Right Trigger, but the default controls are awkward to work with and I can’t figure out these codes are and which buttons/sticks/D-pad/triggers they correspond to.


Did you tried to ‘Manual’ mode of Joy2Key?
This mode can assign keycode to joypad with system/np2kai/np2kai.cfg file.

Please show Aethix’s and my talking.


I have tried that, but I am having a hard time figuring out what these codes are supposed to mean and how they work. Is there some kind of reference sheet I can look at, because I have tried downloading Joy2Key from the website below but I’m not able to find what these key codes are.


It’s not an external program, it’s a baked in functionality in quickmenu->options that assign keyboard keys to your gamepad.
buttons mapping: A=x B=z X=space Y=ctrl L=backspace R=rshift SELECT=escape START=return

But you probably don’t need that if you just want to swap gamepad buttons around.
To do this you usually go into quickmenu->controls… but I see it’s not working for this core.