Please show off what crt shaders can do!

Hey everyone quick update, I went and retweaked my last shader pack, main thing that I tweaked was the sharpness, I managed to get a nice sharp image with guest’s new sharpness settings but I made it too sharp, here’s an example of how it looks from the previous pack:

Notice the inner top of Mario’s hat and the saw-tooth jagginess in the red area, after retweaking the sharpness it now looks more smooth like this:

So you still get a nice sharp image but with the pixels smoothed out how it’s suppose to look. You can grab the updated pack back at the same post here.

Edit 2: switched from mask 6 to mask 9 and adjusted the black levels, updated the pack once again and can be grabbed at the same spot.


I discovered this CRT shader called crtnewpixie shader and i really like it! But whenever i use this shader, my blacks appear grey instead of black is there anything that can be done in the slang file? Aside from this,10/10 shader love the scrolling scanlines effect :smiley:

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You could put an image adjustment shader as an additional pass overtop the crt pass and adjust the black level so that the gray area becomes black.

The image adjustment shader is here: misc\image-adjustment.slang


Thank you it worked! :+1:


Here’s my latest shader pack update. I added in some of that Mask Bloom to shake things up a bit, minor other tweaks here and there:

You must have guest’s latest shader update for my presets to display properly which you can find here.


CyberLab__Slot_Mask_IV_OLED_for_CyberLab_or_Core_Blargg_S-Video_or_RGB_Filter.slangp + Blargg_NTSC_Genesis_S-Video_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt

Note: Remember to zoom in or view fullscreen or original size in order for these to look correct because of the mask and scanline settings.


My current preset for 1080p



Always liked your style, good stuff. Did you make use of contrast and black level in those pics?


Just a little comparison between screenshots I posted here 2 years ago as a CRT shader newb vs now.

2D games before (CRT-Geom default settings) :

Now (LUT, NTSC-Adaptive and CRT-Geom) :

3D games before (Old CRT-Guest) :

Now (My ReShade-VHS preset) :

(All images are from the standalone PCSX2 emulator with ReShade shaders.)


Thank you, I achieved this result without modifying contrast or black levels (gamma 2.2),I changed values for teexcoord,texel location for my gpu,clamping pi to 5 digits,tex2DblurNfast to tex2DblurNresize (11 precisely),put everything in gaussian,add missing dxdy_scale for bloom horizontal,add my own formula for “inline float get_min_sigma_to_blur_triad(const float triad_size, const float thresh)” and many others things.


No wonder why your name is Professor, that sounds like an experiment you cooked up in a lab lol. That concoction came out nice



You have to load full resolution, then open in new tab or window, zoom in or view fullscreen in order for these to look correct because of the mask and scanline settings.

CyberLab__NES__ADV.slangp + Core_Blargg_NTSC_S-Video_Filter

CyberLab__Ultimate_Virtual_Slot_Mask_IV_OLED_CRT-1P2RTA_for_CyberLab_or_Core_Blargg_Composite_or_S-Video_Filter.slangp + Core_Blargg_NTSC_S-Video_Filter

CyberLab__Ultimate_Virtual_Slot_Mask_IV_OLED_CRT-1P2RTA_for_CyberLab_or_Core_Blargg_Composite_or_S-Video_Filter.slangp + Blargg_NTSC_Turbo_Duo_SNES_PSX_RGB_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt

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Quick update, so far I’m satisfied with how my presets came out but the one thing I’m trying to achieve is get a sharper image on my 8-16 bit presets. Here’s how settings previously looked:

Here’s how they look now after sharpening things up a bit:

My goal is to get the sharpest ntsc image I can on these old systems while still maintaining all the dithering effects along with that sexy rainbow banding (Sonic waterfall rainbow effect). You can grab the latest update in my previous post here.


it’s a pleasure to see after quite a while that you keep updating your presets. Thank you once again for the awesome looking around buddy. Keep it up !

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it’s a very good pleasure that you keep on with modding and updating your wonderful presets buddy. Thanks to you as well for the variety and awesome looking. Always looking for new updates !


Hi, nice collection of presets.

Would it be too much if you could create a folder (like the other Mega collection authors did) with your pack? (that’s because when I unzip your presets, they have to be located along with many other presets I use and then everything gets very confusing and crowded inside shaders folder. You could create a folder with your name to be located inside shaders_slang, for example.


Thank you I appreciate that you like my presets. I can whip that up for you and then post up an updated link but I need your help as well. The reason I settled on placing them in the root shader folder is because that’s the only place they load up for me at, any other folder and I get the failed to load message. What do I have to change to get them to load up from the slang_shaders folder or any other folder besides the root folder?

Here’s a log after creating a “sonkun” folder and placing it in the slang_shaders folder then trying to load up a preset:

=== Build =======================================
Capabilities:  ASIMD
[INFO] Built: Jun  7 2022
[INFO] Version: 1.10.3
[INFO] Git: 8ec1f32
[INFO] =================================================
[Vulkan]: Failed to load LUT "/data/user/0/com.retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/sonkun/shaders_slang/crt/shaders/guest/advanced/lut/trinitron-lut.png".
[Vulkan]: Failed to create preset: "/data/user/0/com.retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/sonkun/01-ntsc-j-warm-crt-guest-advanced-slotmask-8-16-bit.slangp".
[Vulkan]: Failed to create filter chain: "/data/user/0/com.retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/sonkun/01-ntsc-j-warm-crt-guest-advanced-slotmask-8-16-bit.slangp". Falling back to stock.

Seems it has something to do with the trinitron lut.png

You’d need to edit all paths inside each preset. That’s why Retroarch can’t find the shaders.

Other way to do it easier is as follows:

  • Create your shader folder inside shaders_slang folder;
  • Now, open Retroarch and enter the config menu-> directory. You need to define a new path to your shaders. Enter directory and then shader path and choose the location of your new folder.
  • Now if you loads a preset, change its parameters on-the-fly and then choose to save this new preset, Retroarch will save in your new folder with correct shader paths inside.
  • So, you just need to load each of your presets and save again, now RA will save in its new location with correct paths.

After you create your presets, you can change again your shader path inside config->directory to the old location.