Please show off what crt shaders can do!


I’m noticing that A LOT of the screenshots in this thread have bad/inaccurate colors, distorted contrast, black level has been messed with, gamma is off, too much bloom (scanlines disappear), pincushion distortion, and other problems. In an effort to help people correct this, here’s a link to Fudoh’s 240p test suite:


You can also get the 240p test suite directly through RetroArch’s Content Downloader :wink:


Using crt-royale-ntsc-320px-svideo


Recently, I alternate between these two. Not looking proper unless viewed in real size.


Love the first look. Would you like to share your shader preset and settings?


It’s 199X-BLOOM from Brim’s set of shaders at default settings!AovNCJqCEyJOhLp_hJlJKP4cSByg2A


Thanks. I was hoping it’s something more flexible like GLSL or SLANG. Can’t use Brim’s shaders with Beetle PSX running on Vulkan (


Would you mind uploading your shader preset? Looks like that combo is not the repository and i can’t replicate it myself.


@Arviel, below is the preset used by @Nesguy, you will also need to download the shader file combined by @hunterk, save both files in the same directory.

Shader file by @hunterk: zfast+dotmask.glsl

Preset file by @Nesguy: zfast+dotmask-preset.glslp

Follow other guidelines provided by @Nesguy in his post above.


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Thank you! Shader looks very nice once i boost my monitor’s brightness to the max. Which does have the side-effect of burning my retina when i switch windows. Which is unfortunate because it makes using this shader kind of inconvenient.


Glad you got it sorted out; true, adjusting the backlight is a bit of an inconvenience, but my monitor has multiple preset picture modes that can be adjusted, so I just use one for running Retroarch and another for daily computer stuff. Most displays have multiple picture modes that you can adjust; you might look into that.


Unfortunately mine doesn’t. No OSD at all actually, just basic brightness adjuster. Thank you for the suggestion though!


Less fighting, more screenshot sharing!


Nice visuals @Arviel.

What would be handy is when people post their screen shots, they also post an indication of the shader preset(s) they are using :+1:


You are right, my mistake! The shader is crt-royale-tvout+image-adjustment.


Hey guys, FYI: I felt like a lot of the discussion, while good and interesting, was not really right for the goal of this thread, which was to share screenshots and settings, so I moved those discussion/debate posts over to another thread:

Carry on!


OK. It looks like I’ve managed to deal with all my struggles with PSX games. Thanks to @shenglong @hunterk and all the others who made “blendoverlay.slang” shader possible. I’ve combined GTU-v50 + CRT-easymod-halation to smooth the picture and apply some decent glow. Image adjustment helped with some black level cranking. And at the very end of the chain is “Blendoverlay” with “dot pitch” texture made everything almost perfect (IMO).

This works especially good with the games like GEX and Rayman. Where edgy textures applied on top of the background making the whole look very pixellated (in a bad way)

Shader preset


Looking good @Great_Dragon, like a CGA monitor from the early 90’s… Credit definitely goes to @hunterk and @torridgristle, I was just the director!

Please note, I would like to add for people viewing @Great_Dragon screen shots from close up (laptop or desktop screens), these screen shots look better when viewing from a couch (6ft+ distance) and are better in motion. The dot pitch/slot-mask and smoothing effect might look a bit “in your face” from close up.

You’ve done well to make the shader combo effective on PSX games which is a system I always find tricky to get the right look out of.

GTU-V050 is my bread and butter preset. Where possible, I always go with that at the start of a shader chain. I feel it handles smoothing/blurring (which can be controlled) really well for both 2D and 3D content and applies a nice colour profile, it’s pretty universal, works out of the box plus plays nice with other shader passes.

Funny how I was desperate (and still am!) to get the 199x shader by @Birm in a lightweight GLSL/SLANG format, which you used in your screen shots earlier in the thread, and from that, this blendoverlay was born!


just messing around with some settings (wish I could remove that inner shadow effect tho’)