Problems with the Russian language

Hello, I’m having a problem with the choice of the Russian language . When I choose it, it is still worth it English.

The computer was rebooted.Did not help(


Russian translation needs to be updated. That is why it doesn’t work yet.

Hi. It is possible more in detail? how to do it

The russian translation has been updated and available since Lakka 2.1 RC1.

But there are new sentences to translate, just edit this file.

You need to create an account on github, fork RetroArch, edit the file in your fork then submit Pull Request.

Thank you for your help.

Does Lakka 2.1 RC1 work reliably?

If edited manually. Where to find this file. I went to disk lakka through ubuntu there it did not find.

I could not even find the file msg_hash_us.h

Yes RC are working but they are for testing purpose. We have released RC3 if you want to test :wink:

You need to edit the file on your PC not on Lakka, please try to follow what I wrote

You need to create an account on github, fork RetroArch, edit the file in your fork then submit Pull Request.

OK! I’ll try later! Then unsubscribe! Thank you!

  1. What should I edit? RetroArch or lakka or what’s already on my flash drive?
  2. What will I have after the Pull Request? New installer?

And I do not quite understand what needs to be edited. Need to take the file of the Russian language from RetroArch and then throw it into Lakka 2.0?

You need edit the file in RetroArch repository then we will integrate it in the next release of Lakka.

With my editing will only get worse! I do not know English. I’m writing via

I just want to add Russian in laka 2.0. Is this possible?

You will have to compile your own version of Lakka and update RetroArch package.

Otherwise, you can try Lakka 2.1 RC3.

P.S = We have also the forum in Russian if needed.

I’m sorry, I do not understand anything. And that would update lakka 2.0 to 2.1 RC1 Can I download Lakka-Generic.x86_64-2.1-rc1.img.gz? (For pc x64) How can I update lakka with this file? Ps. I tried to update through the menu lakka, but everything began to lag terribly. Psx does no longer run. Nes began to skip frames (every 2 seconds, frames drop out for about half a second)

If you are using Lakka 2.1 >= RC1 you will have the update for the Russian.

Try to purge your configuration file after the update.

Made a clean installation Lakka-Generic.x86_64-2.1-rc1 on the USB flash drive.

  1. through the command line in windows, cleared the flash drive.
  2. through Win32DiskImager installed lakka 2.1. everything is working! thanks for the help! Though I still do not understand how it all works. I have 1 question left. If I plug this flash drive into another PC, will lakka work? ps Games I saved in the package roms.

Glad it works but you should use Lakka 2.1 RC3 as it more up to date.

Yes it should work also to another PC.