Shader Preset Wildcards

This thread is a place to discuss the wildcards feature which can be used in retroarch presets.

Preset Wildcard Path replacement allows you to have fewer presets while addressing many scenarios by changing paths in response to the retroarch state when the preset is loaded.

An example would be having one preset which could be used with the entire list of images from the Bezel Project.

The doc for the wildcards is here: Shaders - Libretro Docs


An additional post where I will probably add examples.


since when is the doc there now where i figured everything out :rofl:

seems this thread will be on of my main places here in the future


Looking forward to seeing ways people are using this. :grin:

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this weekend maybe even tommorow i upload my “experiment” with it … i think about to upload the first version as/or also as an standalone version maybe

this could be our mordor , and here we forge the one preset that take care about everything :joy:


every plattform it already takes care of
  • Atari - 2600
  • Atari - 5200
  • Atari - 7800
  • Atari - Jaguar
  • Commodore - 64
  • Commodore - Amiga
  • Commodore - CD32
  • DOOM (prboom)
  • DOOM 3
  • DOS
  • Microsoft - MSX
  • Microsoft - MSX2
  • NEC - PC Engine - TurboGrafx 16
  • NEC - PC Engine CD - TurboGrafx-CD
  • Nintendo - GameCube
  • Nintendo - Nintendo 64
  • Nintendo - Nintendo 64DD
  • Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo - Satellaview
  • Nintendo - Super Nintendo Entertainment System
  • Nintendo - Wii
  • Philips - CD-i
  • Quake
  • Quake II
  • Quake III
  • ScummVM
  • Sega - 32X
  • Sega - Dreamcast
  • Sega - Master System - Mark III
  • Sega - Mega Drive - Genesis
  • Sega - Mega-CD - Sega CD
  • Sega - Saturn
  • Sony - Playstation
  • The 3DO Company - 3DO
  • Sony - Playstation 2

it swaps between the widesceen wood monitor or regular tv overlay loads the fix he viewpoint flip etc. alot of stuff …already


Heh, I think I updated the docs last week :slight_smile:

Let me know if there are things per core that could be corrected automatically like the sega luma fix and I can add them into the Mega Bezel so they just happen automatically for all Mega Bezel users.


yea the flipped viewpoint thing with nearly all systems after 94 would also be nice to get rid off when using glcore

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Hey, can I use Wildcards to load shaders without having to load a preset shader?

On that: “if there is no file at this path the shader will fail to load.”

What happens next??

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For the Mega Bezel, @HyperspaceMadness is providing fixes on his end. If you notice any flipping going on with the Mega Bezel you should post about it in his thread.

I have tested every system guilty of flipping and only found LRPS2, which he very quickly took care of. :grin:

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boom3,dolphin,duckstation ,mupen,pcsx2/lrps2 tyrquake,vitaquake2 and 3

they all flip the viewpoint with gl-core

and he already fixed this problem basiclly with the wildcard feature :upside_down_face:

or at least we have a very easy workaround now


My point was that he is adding wildcard references in his base presets that detect glcore for hardware rendered systems. I’m positive he he did mupen, flycast, and lrps2.

He may have missed the ports, dolphin, and duckstation.

@HyperspaceMadness can you take a look at the remaining systems in this list?

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Yeah, my aim is to account for all cores possible in the Mega Bezel. What would help me is to look at your set if you already have them working, or get each core’s name that it reports (which seem to be the names shown in the online updater)


No, you always choose a .slangp or .glslp to load. The wildcards can replace parts of the paths within this preset.


I gave up flipping anything other than PS2 and Vectrex long ago. I leave it to the user to correct it.

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I was just thinking maybe it would be useful to change out overlays for Vectrex?

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thats easy to do you just change one line in the default preset

TubeColoredGelImage = “…/…/…/Graphics/GCE_Vectrex/Vectrex_Overlays/MEGA.png”


TubeColoredGelImage = “…/…/…/Graphics/GCE_Vectrex/Vectrex_Overlays/$GAME$.png”

than you make a copy of the MEGA.png and rename it to $GAME$.png

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Hm… just realized my roms probably aren’t named the same as the overlays. I think I have that problem on a lot of systems. There’s not that many Vectrex roms though, I can rename them.

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yeah the naming …has to be right

will be a problem with my automatic config preset aswell

to show the channel names and badges right the rom folder names have to be like

Nintendo - Nintendo Entertainment System

otherwise it will load a default image , still works just the channel name isn´t shown ^^

also for cropping and extra features as the sinden boarder the game/rom name should be the same as the params …but you could change it too your needs

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As much as I can guess, I would imagine that the names from the no-intro roms would be the most standard

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yeah thought so, with this i also work with already

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