Sony Megatron Colour Video Monitor

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Hi @damn1 with regards to your super low TVL TV I remember my Dad had one of these back in the 80s - I wonder if hes still got it? Anyway what TVL is it? With these smaller screens the scanlines overlap each other and so give this softer look. You can get some of this look by making all the scanline channels max height say 1.75. Not sure on the low TVL though - you might need a small screen to really simulate the look.

With regards to 12000PPI that seems crazy high - what is a typical flagship smartphone screen PPI nowadays? What I will say is that although you may get higher resolution in the display itself the problem shifts to processing power per pixel. In that respect these displays wont improve matters much as enginerrs will just invest in upscaling technologies more i.e DLSS and its arguable how much false data you can generate without it looking blurry but we’ll see as Nvidia is making good progress in this area.

@damn1 maybe try my gba preset of the Megatron on your mobile phone as a good starting point. Ive just messed around with the default preset - 300TVL vertical min - max scanlines 1.25 - 1.75 and a small amount of horizontal deconvergence on the red and green channels 0.05 and -0.03 to soften up the look a little but you can do a bit more. Anyway looks great on my mobile at full brightness (just a screen grab here so will look different on yours):

@MajorPainTheCactus That wasn’t my tube. That’s a tube I saw looking at the crtgaming sub on reddit hence why I linked to the reddit post. I just gave my 2 cents as to what a near-neighbour scaled 240p image on a 10000 to 20000PPI display might look like, which is imo similar to that but without the horizontal gaps.

Although on the other hand, the look of extremely low resolution tubes like Indextrons and such is a very interesting one and I wonder if that could be emulatable.

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^Without the vertical gaps(screen-door effect) I meant

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I’m currently using s95b with 1310 firmware and curious about your settings

When using Sony Megatron HDR slang shader in retroarch I’m still trying to tweak. It looks awfully dark and washed out unless I pump up the Sharpness setting to 10 or more. With the many variants of this shader available in slang hdr folder they seem to usually look OK colour-wise around sharpness 12, but the they often seem a little overly exposed or garish, but going much lower it’s incredibly dark and washed out. Is that normal behaviour?

The base Sony Megatron shader seems to be decent at 10 Sharpness and Contrast Enhancer on low, wish it was a little brighter, but wonder if that’s similar to your method and if you have colour settings on the TVs default. Most of the suggestions I’ve read for tweaking the TV are for typical games and movies, not anything to do with emulation shaders.

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Hi yes so first of all make sure your TV is in HDR mode preferably Game Mode is on and Windows and RA both have HDR switched on. Then make sure youre up to date with the latest version of the Megatron by updating your slang shaders via the online updater. Then check that youre using the HDR version of the shader by going into the shader parameters and checking that it is HDR mode rather than SDR. Then make sure youre paper white nits and peak nits are set to appropriate values. For the S95B Id choose 200 and 1000 as a starting point. Let me know where this gets you.

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One other thing - you must have sharpness in its neutral setting i.e off. This shader relies on 100% mask for its look.

Thanks a lot. It’s a little tough where I don’t have a good screen nearby to compare it to so I’m just kind of hoping my eyes don’t betray me too much

HDR is on in Windows and RA. I’ve deleted my slang shader folder previously and then updated it from within retroarch a day or two ago. Using crt-sony-megatron-default-hdr.slandp selected as my shader, and confirmed in the parameters HDR is on, if I switch to SDR it looks pretty bad

Peak nits set to 1000, Paper White seems to start looking noticeably weird to me maybe around ~800? Hard to say for sure, I was sticking to 500 with Sharpness at 11 earlier since that seemed like a semi sane setting but going higher does seem to brighten things a bit. If I go up to 750 I can lower Sharpness to 10 which looks OK to me?

I’ve generally been staying ~10 Sharpness on the display and keeping off Contrast Enhancer, though I can play around with those two settings a bit which is affecting brightness and colour. Other shader presets colour and or brightness wise seem to want me to tweak these two settings and find it hard to find a good medium

Setting Colour accurate instead of mask accurate definitely seemed to help keep things a bit more on track as well, think that was part of the problem too

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Is it normal for sharpness to be making luminosity and colour volume change, and also wondering if with the s95b 10 sharpness is standard and anything lower than that is like, introducing blur or something

Strange that I only notice it with this shader. A good example might be when I try to apply crt-sony-megatron-sony-pvm-2730-hdr, if I try to go below 11 sharpness it washes out heavily. Pretty positive I’m missing key information but mostly just want to know I at least have my TV settings right to narrow down my troubles

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Yes so your paper white nits is far too high and will be warping the colours on the S95B - its like having a real high gamma value. As I say start at 200 and remove sharpness as in make it 0. You can see this on RTings - search for sharpness. Then you need to turn the brightness of your TV right up. This shader is different from most others (at default settings at least) as it employs 100% masks which is more correct to how a CRT works.


One other issue you may or may not be having is that on my S95B Game Mode made my PC think it should display at 1080p - just drop back to the desktop once in Game Mode and check Windows display settings that the scaling is 100% and its at 3840x2160 resolution. You can stop this also by turning off Game Mode and just having your S95B be in Entertainment mode (I think thats what it called at least). Get it working in the simple mode and then move back up to Game Mode when you know everything is right.

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Brought Paper White to 200 and tried other modes, no real difference when it comes to the main trouble. Definitely interesting though - seems that, whatever I do, if my sharpness is at 0 it looks kind of brown and dark, though I have brightness, contrast, and peak brightness at max in HDR mode. I’ve tried turning off HDR in Windows and RA and it definitely looks different with the typical washed out colour so I think HDR is on and detected in some form or fashion. I’ve kept Contrast Enhancer off since generally it seems worse to have it on in most scenarios, especially on high. The picture I attached makes the Sharpness 0 settings seem a bit more bright than it appears to the eye.

I ctrl+shift arrow keyed to my other HDR 600 monitor and it looks pretty decent, sharpness is greyed out on this screen’s menu when it is in HDR mode though. Strange since I have the same s95b that you don’t experience the same thing with regards to sharpness. Maybe I’ll do a full reinstall of RA but I am leaning on the problem being on the Windows or TV side


Ok what game is that - Chrono Trigger? Ill get it up on my S95B and show you what it looks like on mine (and refresh memory on the settings) and then hopefully we can figure out what’s different between the two. It definitely looks wrong. Ill do this tomorrow and take some pics for you.

When you say brightness, contrast and peak brightness all at max settings thats not in the shader parameters as contrast and brightness should be left at default of 0 and only peak brightness/luminance set in the shader parameters (and paper white). The brightness should be put to max on your S95B.

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Awesome, thanks so much. Yeah it’s Chrono Trigger, area is just as you enter the forest in front of the castle at the very beginning of the game (I often use this, overworld and bridge areas to test colour and use the flowers in these pictures to test filters\shaders to see which combos stop the flowers from looking like little Ls)

When it comes to the Brightness, Contrast and Peak Brightness these are the settings in the “Expert settings” on the S95B along with Sharpness and Contrast Enhancer. I haven’t played with those in the shader parameters since I don’t think I know what I’m doing there realistically. My Peak Brightness in the shader is 1000 and paper white still at 200

I’ll include one more picture of my HDR600 monitor on the same scene and the shader parameters I Have been adjusting

SDR\HDR - HDR Mask Accurate\Colour Accurate - Colour Accurate Peak Luminance - 1000 Paper White - 200 Original\Vivid - Original Display’s resolution - 4k Subpixel Layout - RGB Screen type - Aperture Grille

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Looks much better! As with all HDR you need to set paper white and peak brightness (in the shader parameters) to that specific monitor so with my HDR600 I have both set to 700 and it works a treat but you may find you need to lower the paper white on yours to make it look better. Ok so back to the S95B - tonight I hope to find some time to set my PC up on it and take some pictures of both my settings and the final image.

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Hi back again so I went into Chrono Trigger and found the right location and noticed there is quite a wide descrepancy between Game Mode and Entertain Mode (and Graphic Mode for that matter). When I load the default preset for the Sony Megatron I turned down the Saturation to 0 and in game mode I had paper white at around 500 and in Entertain I needed back down around 150 to look right - in comparison to my 2730QM PVM.

It definitely looks like Sharpness is neutral at 10 so sorry about that particular wild goose chase - I thought it was set to 0 of well never mind.

So here are my shots the first is of the PVM and then the next are of the S95B in Entertain - in Hame Mode you should get close by adjusting paper white as per above.

Im sure you can do way better than this (to matching the PVM) by playing around with the settings though. Especially upping paper white in game mode and entertain mode - I just dont have the time atm sadly.

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Maybe a bit better RPG mode of Game Mode and paper white of 230 and Saturation 25.


This is fantastic, thanks for confirming that about the sharpness also, surprising but good to know

Appreciate the help, think I’m on the right track now