Super Nintendo - Animated Border (update)

1.1 UPDATE (16 january 2023)

  • Fixed flashing non animated elements when clicked/touched.


  • New elements arrangement. No more black empty sides on ultra wide displays. (set the “AUTO SCALE OVERLAY” option to ON for non wide displays)
  • Optimized fonts in panels and buttons.
  • Redesigned face buttons (A B X Y L R).
  • Corrected main grey color brightness.
  • Corrected purple color (blue removed).
  • Redesigned side panels.
  • In-screen bezel removed (won’t interfere with shaders)
  • Selectable Dark theme addition.

– DOWNLOAD – (Version 1.1)





  • Use Vulkan or any Open GL driver (Direct X drivers are buggy with animated overlays)


  • Set the screen scaling to 4:3 in a 16.9 display to get a fullscreen perfect overlay fit. Otherwise set the video scaling manually to fit your device display.
  • Integer Scale set to OFF


  • Set the “AUTO SCALE OVERLAY” option to ON in non wide displays. (square displays like crt tv’s, vga monitors, lcd panels, etc.) Otherwise you’ll get displaced controls.
  • Set Overlay Opacity to 1.0
  • Set Show Inputs from Port to: 1


  • Special thanks to reddit user Kuroiryuu for the dark theme idea, and help in color and font optimizations.
  • Overlay config created with the RetroPad editor by @Valent-in .
  • Nintendo/Snes logos by Dan Patrick and David Pustansky.

That looks awesome. Thanks for making and sharing it, and I’ll get it pushed up to the repo ASAP!


I really liked the new update


Yeah, I’ve got to say these are really nicely done!


thank you for sharing. Looks very good the overlay. By any means could you share the presets being used in the demostration video ?

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Thank you! And those are the default crt presets.

Thank you a lot for this content. I see a lot of potential to it and definetely encourage to make it for other consoles (if ever possible). I would love to see from you if it’s possible an overlay for NES but specially Sega Genesis with either the 3 or 6 buttons controller…

Just testing up with keyboard I already got a lot of fun. Can imagine how it does even better with a controller.

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Thank you ! And already did a megadrive one with a 3 and 6 button switch.

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thank you so much for this contribution. Will love your Genesis one. I think this may be top type of content for RetroArch and hopefully is within the main files and I hope newer designs can be done. Thank you so much again.

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oh!its really helpful ,thank you so much!!

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Have you made an animated one for the Sega Genesis not the mega drive. If not that’s ok i was just wondering as my search on here didn’t turn anything up.

Also why are these white boxes showing around the left and right shoulder buttons and on the start and select buttons. When the buttons depress you don’t see the box till you let go. I don’t see them in your pics so i’m confused why it’s doing this.

i haven´t made a sega genesis one “yet”

for the white boxes do this in overlay settings:

  • Set Overlay Opacity to 1.0

and also iguess you’re ausing an ultra wide dysplay or a mobile device, try this setting in overlay settings, so the overlay doesn’t look stretched:

  • Set the “AUTO SCALE OVERLAY” option to ON

Thank you. I will try this and yes i’m using an ultra wide monitor.

Edit: I see that you did say that in your Op but i missed it, so i’m sorry.

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Great overlay, but I get a black bar on the top of the screen, should I use a shader fix positioning or maybe I messed something?

There is also a black bar while playing Contra 3 that appears/disappears randomly, SMAS works fine.

Edit 1: Sprites of the enemies don’t disappear when crossing the bar. Edit 2: My bad, checked gameplays of SNES Aladdin and they all contain that top bar, same with Contra 3 (emulation issue?), for Aladdin it can be fixed by customizing the aspect ratio in the video settings.

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Yeah. No all games use the same screen resolution i guess… i got black top/bottom bars on street fighter. Got to set a custom video scaling for those games.


Is it possible to make the buttons play during a replay?

sorry i guess currently RA overlay system wont do that, it only reacts to real physical buttons presses.

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