"unofficial" cores

from time to time i run across some unofficial cores like this

my question is now is there somewhere a list with all of them or does anybody know more please let me know ?

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There’s no central authority that determines who can make a libretro core, so, no there’s no definitive list.

I stumble upon new ones semi-frequently myself :slight_smile:


maybe we should collect them here anywhere or in these thread i mean its intressting at least ^^

this is the only one i just have mind , there where more i found over the years but i forgot the name and never tried them

What’s the usage of this? It launches the standalone Dolphin? If that’s the case why not just use the standalone directly?

i guess for people that wanna use retroarch like launchbox to get their emulators all in one app

According to forum, there is mention of “unofficial cores” but no specific list of all of them is mentioned in the search results. The mentioned GitHub repository, https://github.com/SwedishGojira/libretro-bash-launcher/, is a specific example of one of these unofficial cores.


i think this is a good place to post it , and we don´t derail a thread for it if we discuss this here^^

i going to test it today

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