Why were the higan (Super Famicom accuracy) core abandoned?


This isn’t a request thread (I got the core thankfully, the last build ever I think) and to be honest nothing have been remotely close to the stability for me when it comes to Super Famicom emulation as when using this core.

Standalone versions of ares, higan and bsnes seems to have this long standing trend of always be broken one way or the other for me whenever I decide to give them a new round which leads me back to this core.

Maybe abandoned was the wrong term I was after but since I lack the full story of why it’s not around anymore that’s what I ended up using.

It’s not distributed in the buildbot and it’s near damn impossible to find any form of working link to the core these days and even though I have the core I still try to find it just for fun.

The core is perfect for what I use it for and honestly I wished that more cores were just like it, simple, basic core options, plugin a Super Famicom adapter and a genuine controller and just enjoy.

To bad it never got anymore updates or the appreciation it deserved.

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It’s been completely superseded by bsnes (no modifiers) core, which can be made as accurate (and slightly more accurate, in fact, but it’s hair-splitting) via core options while being faster and having more user-friendly features.


What Core Options would make it Accurate?

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Look at the descriptions of the options. They tell you if they affect accuracy.


Okay @RealNC I will do that

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Also is bsnes the best Super Game Boy emulator at the moment or should we try other ones like gambatte and mgba?

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bsnes and mesen-s are the only ones that will do all of the stuff. the GB/C emus just fake it with HLE, which is fine but it can’t do anything that depends on the actual SNES hardware, like extra sounds and graphics.


While on the topic, does BSNES support cheats?

No, the older v094 forks do, though.

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Thank you absolute legend for your explanation, at least I got some closure on this.

Even though bsnes have superseeded the higan core, it’s very unlikely I’ll ever replace it.

I’m not even going to bother with the standalones anymore and I will cherish this core till the end!

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What does (bsnes) have over (bsnes 2014 accuracy) please?

I’ve also noticed on a few occasions the newest BSNES core crashing or refusing to launch after adjust some of the core options.

This is one reason I’ve continued to use the Higan core.

What CRT Shader Presets do you use with the Higan core by the way?


Hi @Cyber and thank you for posting, I’m sorry for my late reply by the way!

I actually don’t use any shader presets at all for higan, I used to use some kind of NTSC shader a couple of years back but now I only use the built in Bilinear filter from RetroArch which gives the image a small blur.

I’m gonna stick to my word on this one, the higan core is absolutely rock solid and it’s here to stay.

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You might be missing out!

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