4K Vertical Overlay Video "Shorts"

Hi everyone!

Not new here really, but I am new to posting a topic.

To help broaden the awareness and talents of libretro, launchbox and emumovies communities. I’ve been working on a youtube channel.

@ArsInvictus, @Thoggo, @walter.farmacia, @Orionsangel and @MrRetroLust provided me their permission to showcase their works on a new youtube channel which I launched yesterday!

I will be showcasing overlays along with megabezel and crt shaders. As of now my focus is on vertical overlays.

Please have a look at the channel when you have some time. There is a gallery for “shorts” and a playlist if you just want to let the vids cycle through their attract modes. Each video is less than 60 seconds each. On mobile, 2160p is available through the youtube app. Or directly on youtube on PC.

Downloads are in descriptions for the overlays. I think you can download the video clips from youtube, but if not. I will start posting them in the Launchbox forums in the near future.

Thank you for taking some time to check it out!

Shorts gallery view:

Playlist and shuffle:

Example of channel:

shorts example1.jpg


Great channel! Glad I could contribute! I subbed to your channel!

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Thank you sir! I appreciate it!


WIP :grin:

Lots of fun ideas and things happening here! Come visit and sub!


Those are amazing! I assume they’re videos running in Retroarch? Unless Retroarch has a TeknoParrot core?


I know it’s crazy. But this is playable. Not just a video.

Retroarch doesnt have a teknoparrot core that I know of. Here is the next coolest thing!

Just using windowcast:

Then following the tips here:


windowcast in combination with mbz is an amazing thing , it came out shortly after your finished the daytona overlay and now you can use it for real with this AND almost everything else that runs on pc in someway :slight_smile:


New WIP coming soon :partying_face:


My goodness sir. That’s what I’m talking about right there. Makes me wish I had one of the vertical screen setups.


Thanks dude! If I had a active marquee, I would probably go for a horizontal setup. But the one I like is like $700. So I am happy with utilizing my TV on a rotating wall mount for now.

Here is video of the upcoming Mario Kart Arcade WIP.


I just wanted to say thanks to @walter.farmacia and @PapaShine for these excellent overlays! I love making these short videos as these overlays paired with @HyperspaceMadness megabezel @sonkun crt shaders really make everything nearly lifelike!

Star Wars by @walter.farmacia

Afterburner by @PapaShine

Moonwalker by @PapaShine


vvv Another WIP vvv


Almost finished :slight_smile:

Come see the rest here: https://www.youtube.com/@RetroGamesRecreated/shorts

Not sure which I like better, but apparently the area by the controller lights up…!

Sega MegaTech is one I have always wanted to try and tackle. It’s proving to be a pain. Here is how it looks so far…

Come see the rest here: https://www.youtube.com/@RetroGamesRecreated/shorts

I am starting to realize I am a SEGA fan boy… This one might be my all time favorite console. I also found an interesting easter egg while making the marquee. I used the blue lighting off the original Sega CD model 1 box for the effect. While creating a mirror layer of the lighting. I noticed an interesting face. Maybe I am crazy… Anyways, this is a WIP but I hope to have it finished by end of week.

Thanks to @Duimon for providing renders. The bluish frame and speakers for this are from his work. https://github.com/Duimon/Duimon-Mega-Bezel

Also, thanks to @ArsInvictus for the lower metal grill. That one is from some of his work. 4K Vertical Overlay Community Contributions


Great job on the overlay, is that Knuckles?

Thanks! I feel like it’s a bit busy after playing on it. I’ll prob make an alt version.

But yeah, i know you can make patterns of about anything when doing a mirror image. The really crazy thing here is it literally looks like Knuckles! So it’s a strange coincidence. He wasn’t introduced until 2 years after this in Sonic 3.

Reminded me of this scene

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Cruis’n Blast 4K Vertical Overlay (WIP)

Not finished yet, but working on 2 versions. Not sure which I prefer. Need to add some high res details on things like text and labels as well as shader and lighting adjustments.

Ideal use for this would be Windowscast core in Retroarch along side Yuzu or Ryujinx.


Star Wars Trilogy 4K Vertical Overlay WIP.

I hope to have this done in another day or two.

I will probably have 2 versions for the screen. 1 angled, 1 no angled.

I am also planning on adding real time reflections on the control panel, original bezel and cabinet using new techniques from @HyperspaceMadness Megabezel.

Need to do some touch up on some lower quality looking assets.

@ArsInvictus and @Cyber I used Gamebar to get the HDR screenshot here. Thanks for the tips.


Can’t wait to see this come together, and how those reflections look. This looks amazing already!