CyberLab Death To Pixels Shader Preset Packs

I think the difference between adding to a conversation and spam is based on frequency, relevancy to the conversation, and repetition. So for example pasting in the same page of links 6 times in the last 5 days (as you have, looking at your reddit recent history) seems like a lot. In these social forums pasting the same thing over and over is often going to feel heavy handed, not be appreciated and viewed as spam.

Obviously I’m not trying to tell you what to do, I’m just trying to communicate how this is received.

I think this sort of thing would help, especially when you introduce your package.

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It might appear this way if you don’t read the posts that I posted in response to and take things out of context. If you do then all of my replies would have been relevant to the posts. At the end of the day the perception does not bother me as much as the true intent and purpose. I have received much more positive feedback and appreciation for responding, sharing and introducing users and posters to stuff than negative.

If you also look deeper most of the answers to the questions I have answered go along the lines of CRT Royale is the best…e.t.c…e.t.c…what is so wrong about me suggesting that folks can also take a look at CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack or Sony Megatron Color Video Monitor or @Nesguy’s two shader preset threads if they are looking for some of the best or most accurate or even something new that they didn’t know existed? Or if they would like a video filter or shader that can make their PVM look more composite. My package provides the answers to that as well.

I don’t go around randomly posting the same thing to the same users or posts but if something I know about can assist or fit a question, I’m going to share what I honestly believe fits best. If the answer to 10 different questions about similar things happens to be able to be covered by the same or a similar answer or collection of links and resources then what’s wrong with that?

Are we still talking about giving credit and misrepresenting my Shader Preset pack or not presenting my shader preset pack in a manner that won’t confuse users or is this a general sort of reprimand taking place here?

Because this certainly has nothing to do with people calling CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack a collection of shaders instead of a collection of shader presets.

I think what’s more important is the true intent and result rather than the perception based on sweeping generalizations. I don’t really mind not conforming to the norm once I’m not breaking any rules.

When someone asks for certain recommendations or opinions for certain things in a public forum, I will always suggest what works for me, what I might use or what I think might also work for them.

If that answer is generally static and unchanging for the period in question then that’s the response I’ll give 10 out of 10 times. I’m not a robot, that’s for sure. I’m just a guy who’s learned how to save, copy and paste when he knows that a frequently asked question is going to have a more or less similar response each time.

What constitutes if it’s a valid contribution is not how similar, or often the information is used in response to different users, questions or posts but the essence and relevance of that information to the topic at hand and even that is subject to opinion to a large extent.

In life you can’t please everyone. Some will like you some won’t. Some will like the things you do and the manner in which you do them while others will not.

I appreciate your perspective as a senior member around here, but I am also senior in certain ways in that I’ve been here for a while and around different scenes, the internet e.t.c.

I’m happy with me and I’m cool being different. If there’s a problem or issue and there are consequences, I’ll deal with them as they come and take full responsibility for my actions but never for the actions or inactions of others. That’s solely on them.

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My philosophy is to keep things short, sweet and to the point.

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Sorry, I’m confused and can’t get these working as the OP post now seems to be quite large with lots of updates and possibly contradicting info. Apologies if I misread, but that’s kinda my point. I’v download the latest zip from github link in the OP, and I have MegaBezel itself working fine and updated.

  1. You say above that these should now be installed in RetroArch/Shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community_Collections but inside the file it’s still referencing Mega_Bezel_Packs. Which is it, as it’s not clear?

  2. Even after renaming to Mega_Bezel_Packs, it still fails. When I look at the files, it’s referencing a folder call Soqueroeu-TV-Backgrounds_V2.0 which doesn’t exist in the github download.

What am I missing? Thanks

  1. Also, which presets need your filter enabling?

Read the first post, one more time starting from the top.

I think you might have misread something.

It might be best if you start over and take your time and follow all installation instructions step by step.

All installation instructions have been updated with the most current, relevant information.

Take things one step at a time. First get some of my presets working, then you can tackle Soqueroeu-TV Backgrounds.

The presets that require my video filter presets enabled are very clearly labelled.

It doesn’t feel like you read my first post from top to bottom.

All installation steps are in bold as well.

Try it one more time with a clear head. Watch the (partial) installation video. Go from top to bottom.

Mega_Bezel_Community_Collections no longer exists. So something seems amiss.

The latest and newest information is above the older updates and information.

Try it again and I’ll be happy to assist if you’re still having an issue.

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Hi @slikvik55, I’ll try to answer your questions :slight_smile:

Hi, so the path to the collections should be RetroArch/Shaders/Mega_Bezel_Packs

So this is looking for Soqueroeu’s collection which you can find below, when installed they should be located in RetroArch/Shaders/Mega_Bezel_Packs/Soqueroeu-TV-Backgrounds_V2.0

Let me know if you have any other particular Mega Bezel questions


Thanks @HyperspaceMadness. That’s great. Got it working now. Didn’t realize I needed to read all the way through the update posts to get some install info and I see Cyber has clarified the install path too in a past Update section too, so all good!

Spoilt for choice with Mega Bezel presets now. :joy:


Excellent! I didn’t spell it out for you in my previous reply because I really wanted you to take the time and read in order to get the most out of my preset pack.

Over time, I’ve been able to do quite a bit with these shaders, shader presets and video filters in my own setup and that’s basically what I’ve tried to document in the first post.

The presets which require corresponding video filters are all labelled “…for CyberLab (or Core) Blargg…Video filter…” so it’s supposed to be self explanatory and descriptive taking full advantage of long filenames.

There are also recommended shader presets and video filter combinations for the different cores bases on how I have mine setup. I’ll try to update that soon.

Yes, we’re definitely spoilt for choice when it comes to the venerable HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader powered by the amazingly versatile CRT-Guest-Advanced and more!

So feel free to ask more questions now that you have everything up and running!


Hey @Cyber, will you be adding 1440p Console Specific Presets anytime soon. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hmmm…good question, I have no plans to update them soon because I don’t have a 1440p RetroArch setup at this time to properly test them and most of the improvements I’ve been making to my presets recently require me to be able to see exactly how the mask would look after its aligned with the subpixel structure of the particular display.

Then my other recent slot mask presets look completely different at different resolutions so I would definitely need to see how things look natively if doing 1440p optimized versions.

Some of my Console Specific Presets are just shortcuts to other presets so I could probably add those shortly but they’re mostly there for convenience to users, rather than a huge step above my other presets in quality.

I’ve mainly been working on Slot_Mask and OLED TV Optimized presets lately and those work best on 4K displays.

Maybe sometime I’ll set things up on a 1440p display In order to test some presets but I can’t really say when that would be.

See below for a previous response to a similar question.

@DDB you can lookout for at least a preliminary update with some of my Console Specific Presets Optimized for 1440p hopefully sooner rather than later.

Thanks for the feedback and continued interest!


This is what I was trying to tell you about @RetroGames4K.

Some more examples of my Custom Blargg Ntsc Video Filter presets in action:


Ok. Thanks. I will see if I can try it tonight :smiley:

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This new TCL 4K Mini LED looks very promising and might very well be the ultimate in CRT emulation and retrogaming in general. I wonder who will be the first to test and report their findings?



ProTip: The Blargg NTSC Video Filters alter the width of the image slightly. You can compensate for this by adjusting the HSM Crop percentage.

I use these crop settings as a baseline in my presets developed with Blargg Video Filters in mind.


On another note, when using the Blargg NTSC Video Filters you can push sharpness up quite a bit in your shader presets because the Blargg Filter is going to perform its own softening and blending.

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Hi there! I am currently experimenting a lot with shaders. For the Genesis for example I might use the CyberLab_Genesis_for_CyberLab_or_Core_Blargg_Composite_or_S-Video_Filter shader preset. The colors from this shader however look a bit weird. Like the contrast or the gamma is adjusted too much. I understand that this is for colour adjustement to make the image look more like that of a crt. But what settings do i need to change to get the colors more neutral again and not so extreme like they look now?

From the name of this preset it says, “…for CyberLab or Core Blargg Composite or S-Video Filter”.

Did you load the CyberLab or Core Blargg Composite or S-Video Filter?

Also, did you read the first post or the one 4 posts above your post?

You will probably get more out of these presets if you read at least the first post of this thread.

Do not use preview. Download before playing. Requires 4K display for proper fidelity.

CyberLab Genesis for Blargg + CyberLab Blargg NTSC Composite

CyberLab Genesis for Blargg + CyberLab Blargg NTSC S-Video

Introducing… CyberLab_SNES_Composite_Slot_Mask_IV_OLED_for_BSNES_Blur_Emulation.slangp

Right click on the image, click Open in New Tab then press F11 for Fullscreen for 4K users. Zoom in until it looks right for 1440p or 1080p users.


CyberLab_Turbo_Duo_Composite_Slot_Mask_IV_OLED_for_CyberLab_Blargg_Video_Filter.slangp + Blargg_NTSC_Turbo_Duo_SNES_PSX_Composite_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt


Here are some pictures of some real arcade CRTs. Feel free to use them for reference. Be sure to download and do lots of zooming in! Camera settings used - ISO 100, 1/60, WB6500K.

@guest.r, @MajorPainTheCactus, @HyperspaceMadness, @RetroGames4K, @Nesguy

I think there could be some loss of quality and purity of the phosphors due to the compression used by the camera software. RAW/Lossless pics would be really nice if more of us had access to that.


Right click on the image, click Open in New Tab then press F11 for Fullscreen for 4K users. Zoom in until it looks right for 1440p or 1080p users.

CyberLab_Turbo_Duo_Composite_Slot_Mask_IV_OLED_for_CyberLab_Blargg_Video_Filter.slangp + Blargg_NTSC_Turbo_Duo_SNES_PSX_Composite_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt

CyberLab_NES_Composite_Slot_Mask_IV_OLED_for_Core_Blargg_S-Video_Filter.slangp + Core Blargg NTSC S-Video video filter