CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack and more!

Here’s some OpenLara with CyberLab__RGB-Sharp__1440p__PVM-Edition__ADV.slangp preset:

(Make sure to open them full size)


This is a really decent modification of Blargg NTSC Filter.


I’d like to try this as I’m still not completely satisfied with the existing NTSC shaders/filters. All of them are far blurrier than any CRT I’ve seen via composite, for some reason.

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I haven’t used it since I originally tried it some months ago but depending on what you’re looking for you can try my CyberLab__Composite-Pure__ADV or CyberLab__Composite-Pure__1080p__ADV presets in conjunction with the original core included or the above modified Blargg NTSC RGB/SECAM filter for a really nice post processing effect that goes well with the sharpness of the Composite-Pure preset. Without Blargg RGB, Composite-Pure is sharp and well defined. With Blargg RGB/SECAM it add some nice subtle processing to the edges and colours that take away some of the edge without adding any perceivable blur.

Composite-Pure is the only preset I use for NES games. I like it both with and without the Blargg filter applied. It does something strange with the resolution/aspect ratio though. The edges of the width of the viewport seems to shrink by a few pixels when it’s enabled.

I would remind you that it’s your desire for sharp, unmolested pixels that led me to create the original Composite-Pure preset some months ago.

I had tried your presets in the Mega Bezel Experimental folder and was really impressed and borrowed some of the scanline tweaks and applied my own processing, then proceeded to beat Ninja Gaiden 2 probably for the first time in over 20 years!

This new Composite-Pure is a complete overhaul though. The old one wasn’t so “Pure” after all in comparison. It exhibited that out of focus, blurry quality that so many seem to mistake for an NTSC Composite signal that I now can’t bear to look at since it might give me eyestrain as my eyes struggle to focus on the text and other fine details.

Since your last critique of (but not due to it) the Ys looking like Vs in Super Mario World, I’ve also overhauled my CyberLab__Composite-Sharp__PVM-Edition preset, which is my go to for 16-bit games.

I’ve learned how to tame the beast that is ScaleFX to limit it’s effect, while still applying a very gentle improvement in the aliasing department.

You should give it a try. That example with the Ys looking like Vs was not how the old version would have looked if the user was using my settings and recommendations though, which calls for the use of 512 x 224 Resolution in games that look better with less smoothing like Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart. I use the Higan core which has that setting but it turns out that the BSNES does not. Running the higher resolution also limits the strength of ScaleFX.

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Hi @Cyber . Pls, every time I try to load one I appear this error. Pls see the pic. I don’t know, it seems that the pack is wrong or old. I have RA v1.10. Any idea ?

Many thanks in advanced.

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Do you have Mega Bezel installed as well? The Cyber Shader Presets use shader files from Mega Bezel.


Many thanks for your reply, @hgoda90 . I don’t have Mega Bezel. I will check.

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@hgoda90 & @Cyber :

I have put some CyberLab shaders in the Mega_Bezel folder: …\RetroArch\shaders\shaders_slang\bezel\Mega_Bezel. But it still shows the same error. However, HSM Mega Bezel himself works well. Pls see the pic:

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The CyberLab shaders have to placed inside Mega_Bezel_Community folder at the root of the shaders folder. It should be shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community/CyberLab.


Excuse my ignorance. Now, it worked @hgoda90 . I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks a lot.


I’m glad you got through. I hope you would take the time to read through the first post of this thread as that will give you many tips and recommendations that will help you to get the most out of my preset pack.

It also contains installation and setup instructions which I recently updated in order to make it clearer that users needed to install HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader in order to use these presets.

It’s also in the readme.txt file in the preset pack zip file.

Did you notice that at all? Just asking for feedback purposes.


I hadn´t realized @Cyber . I hurried and didn’t read the wording correctly.



Let the people see the beauty!

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Hey Cyber I’m having trouble after creating a preset it shows up like this, How can I make it fit the screen.

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Hi, try increasing the crop % in the shader parameters. It might take a significant increase before you see a significant “jump” in the scale OR change Int. Scale Mode to 0.

Did you copy one of my presets to make this preset or did you copy the preset from Soqueroeu’s presets?

You’re supposed to make a copy of one of my presets, then just change the reference line to match the name of the Soqueroeu-TV Backgrounds preset you’re trying to use.

Haven’t tried this PSX preset yet but most likely I’ll add it sometime in the near future.

Okay, I finally got a chance to test this and I see what’s happening here. The Soqueroeu-TV Background preset that you would like to use is a Flat preset meaning it doesn’t use curvature, while all of my current Soqueroeu-TV Special Edition Presets were designed for his curved presets.

The solution is simple. Remove all of the lines at the bottom of the preset you’re using as a template that have to do with curvature.

HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE = "1.000000"


Delete all of those lines above.

Add these lines below:

HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE = "0.000000"

And you should be good to go!

I’ll add the integrated Sony PSX Preset to my Preset Pack when I get a chance. I might need to do some further tweaking first because I noticed some severe moire pattern in the boot screen. That won’t be visible everywhere though. It could have something to do with the high resolution of that particular screen.

This shouldn’t really affect most games while in game though especially if run at native resolution.


Thank you it works great, I just got the latest release.

Btw you should post a change log or include it in the download. Unless I’m blind and can’t see one.

Thanks for all the help.

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You’re most welcome!

I know what you’re saying and if you look at the readme.txt you might see something of a change log that hasn’t been updated in a while but things are different now and I barely have time to work on the changes and updates themselves so I’d rather just improve things in a stealthy manner and users can just update if they wish to use the same settings and presets I personally use.

You’re welcome! I should thank you as well because if it wasn’t for your feedback, I might have never made that PSX preset so soon and also realize that there would be issues compared to how easy the others were to basically just copy and paste.

In addition to that, I seemed to have found a very good solution to a long standing problem of moire patterns appearing when integrating my presets with smaller sized bezels, especially on games which use high resolution modes! I’m really happy about that!

If you enjoy using my preset pack be sure to spread the word so that others may benefit and feel free to come back and post some screenshots!

Greetings @hgoda90 and @soqueroeu,

I’ve found an even better method of integrating my presets while reducing moire patterns without destroying what’s left of my scanline tweaks after my initial moire pattern mitigations.

It involves temporarily using Int. Scale Mode 0 and “(HSM_INT_SCALE_BORDER_MIN_HEIGHT)” to get an idea of the best Non-Integer Scale % setting which shows the least amount of moire.

You can take a look at my tests and results if interested.

Suggestion for Automatic Int. Scale Offset to minimize moire without sacrificing well defined scanline patterns.


Here’s some excellent Sega Genesis de-dithering being performed by my latest:

Blargg_NTSC_Genesis_Composite_CyberLab_Special_Edition.filt + CyberLab__Composite-Pure__Soqueroeu-TV_Special_Edition-Genesis__STD.slangp

Leave your GPU to do the heavy Mega Bezel work, while offloading some stuff and applying some finesse to the final output using the oft untapped power of your CPU!

There are now two custom Blargg NTSC video filters included in my preset pack!


@Cyber your shaders are hands down the best shaders I’ve ever seen/used. The first time I tried them I got a huge smile on my face :slightly_smiling_face:

They look perfect. Your latest Genesis and SNES filters are 🤌

Thanks for everything!