Dithering blending shader like Fusion's CVBS

Hello, Dear Community!

I am a newbie and I need a shader like CVBS in Kega Fusion emulator that blends all adjacent horizontal pixels to eliminate dithering without CRT effects such as color bleeding. Mdapt and gdapt are not suitable, as they act selectively and produce artifacts.

That’s about what I would like to achieve:


I have something like this. Will share with you when I get a chance.

You can also use this:

My shader preset pack contains a Blending and Transparency preset that has MDAPT enabled using mode 3. All you have to do to get a similar effect to what you’re looking for is to switch MDAPT Mode to 0 which disables it and right below the MDAPT setting is the SGENPT-MIX Setting. You can enable that instead and voila!

Also, take a look at this @RetroGuy1980. This is a relatively new solution that does an excellent job!

You can use it in conjunction with my Shader Presets!


AFAIK, SGENPT-MIX still produces artifacts that might be undesirable.

Another option is to use the NTSC GDV shader and set the NTSC mode to custom (-1.00).