How to apply both Bilinear Filtering and Shader?

Hello guys, I have a simple question.

Last month I bought an Android Gamer Device known as PowKiddy x18 (32GB version) and I’m having a lot of fun with it.

For playtesting, I decided to use Pizza Boy emulators for both GBC and GBA, and those emulators let you enable Linear Filtering and Shader LCD3X and I liked the result, below I’ll post some images with Super Mario Land as exemple!

Bilinear Filtering OFF Shader LCD3X OFF

Bilinear Filtering OFF Shader LCD3X ON

Bilinear Filtering ON Shader LCD3X OFF

Bilinear Filtering ON Shader LCD3X ON

The last image is how I remember it, the time I had a real Game Boy, the image wasn’t 100% sharp enough to make Mario hat looks like a stairs as we can see in the first and second printscreen, the LCD3X alone don’t make it feel accurated enough, the colors wasn’t too strong. Bilinear Filtering alone make it blurry like me nowadays trying to see something far without my glasses, it wans’t that blurry! Both applied at the same time make it feels perfect to me, the nostalgic power flows inside.

Anyway, my Bilinear Filtering is enable as default in all cores, but trying to apply the shader LCD3X aways removes the Bilinear feature.

Bilinear OFF Shader LCD3X ON

Bilinear ON Shader LCD3X ON

(Yes, they look like the same!)

How can I have both effects applied at the same time? Thanks!

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Nevermind, I figured out how to, instead of applying both Bilinear Filtering and the LCD3X from Settings > Video, I decided to turn OFF the LCD3X here and through the core settings I turned Shaders ON, loaded the LCD3X from handheld folder and changed the “shader #0 filter” from “nearest” to “linear” and applied. Now I have the same feeling as playing my old Game Boy as my memories tell me! Not that blocky/pixalated, neither that unfocused/blurry. (Also, not that intense bright colors)

Good hours and times awaits for me with my Powkiddy from now and on. I’m happy =)


Have you seen these? @JulianoFdeS

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Yes, I use Mega Bezel in my notebook, it’s beautiful, it’s a pity my cheap android gamer device will never run it at full speed.


You can try the Potato or GDV-MINI base preset and see. It might work. There are several different performance levels available and things have gotten a lot faster over the past 6 months.