It's Squabblin' Time! dry vs blurry edition

I actually said I wasn’t happy with those results, then posted my reasons why. Basically, I don’t like any results with this mask at 1080p.

Regarding your settings, I don’t think it’s something that can really be improved, it’s all trade-offs. You need the bloom to make that mask bright enough on an SDR display but the bloom looks bad because it’s just another way of blurring the image to make it brighter, causing lost detail. Also, I’m pretty sure the edges look bad because of the coarseness of the mask at this resolution- I wasn’t able to accomplish much by tweaking the sharpness settings.

Do you think the Megatron shader looks “dry?” Because that is pretty much the same approach I’ve been using for years, except on a much better display.

Anyway, you’re clearly still upset about it. If you’re just going to look at everything I say as a reason to continue a fight then I don’t see how further discussion can be productive.

We’re not talking about the Megatron shader we’re talking about my preset tweaked in your vision and that up there looks crazy to me. Upset? You don’t see me up there laughing with syh at your goofy ass? Once again you don’t read I see, I even picked that character in the screen shot just for you. But yes let’s just end it here, this is the first time I ever had to come at a user like this on here.

Hopefully this is the last time I have to tell you this, my presets are just for fun, they’re not for everyone and I’m not aiming for anything accurate. Clearly users here like what I bring, I’ve had two people log on here after not being around for months just to say they like my work. I know trade offs need to be made with any of these shaders, I’ve been saying we simply don’t have the technology yet to produce anything 1 for 1 with a crt yet, until we get there I’ll just have fun with it and maybe come to you for advice when it’s time.

No, it’s not “tweaked to my vision” because I wouldn’t use this mask at all on a 1080p display, as I explained. What I posted was just another compromise, with its own shortcomings, but probably not the ones you’re thinking of.

Syh? I’m pretty sure you’re misinterpreting a lot of things, Syh and I have gotten along fine (even though our tastes differ!) I saw that more as poking fun at both of us.

Anyway you’re just acting like an angry teenager about it now. You’re the one turning this into a petty game of ego and one-upmanship. Fine, I’ll stoop to your level, I’ve had Kurozumi and others who have a professional background in display tech tell me that my presets are some of the only ones that get the crt glow thing right without breaking the image in other ways, and the dms to prove it. Ugh, I feel so gross now.

Notice also how you’re the only one to resort to ad hominem attacks throughout this entire exchange?

Lol @hunterk, much appreciated.

[quote="Nesguy, post:24, topic:37181, full:true"]

Fine, I’ll stoop to your level, I’ve had Kurozumi and others who have a professional background in display tech tell me that my presets are some of the only ones that get the crt glow thing right without breaking the image in other ways, and the dms to prove it. Ugh, I feel so gross now. [/quote]

And that is the reason why I posted that screenshot with that specific character, at this point in the conversation that’s how you come off to me. The only thing that would’ve made it better is if I had typed out your name on the screen lol. It’s over now at this point we’re really getting nowhere

You’ve said this a few times, but it’s not true.

I can tell you’re mad tho, messing up the formatting in your posts and stuff now.

You don’t have to show me that thread I’m always in and out of there checking in. Like I said 1 for 1 meaning 100 percent accuracy. That’s probably the closest we have at this point in time but we’re simply not there all the way yet

If you showed the LCD photos to even a die-hard CRT enthusiast and said “that’s a CRT,” they would have no way of knowing otherwise.

Anyway that’s enough for now, I’m tired of it. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, your shader settings look good.

Until that same person wants to see them playing side by side in real life.

Don’t apologize for anything, say what you mean and mean what you say, cause I sure do. Not everything in life needs an opinion or your 2 cents put in, this all started simply by you coming at me about the number of screenshots I posted. Yeah I posted a lot but so what, deal with it. If hunter really had a problem he would’ve said so to me a long time ago, it only became an issue when you came in crying.

But no worries, you can never hurt my feelings, enjoy your day

Why is that the bar? That bar could never be reached by anything other than a CRT.

You’re just looking for a way to keep your dignity intact. Fine, I allow you to save face. I have nothing but regrets.

just saying it would be nice if we didn’t have to scroll through multiple pages of screenshots, bro. 1 whole screen of shots is sufficient.

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Ye I was poking fun at everyone really lol.

I can’t talk too much shit though, my “presets” if you even want to call them that never really got released, all of them were too blurry and too curvey. (Plus the majority of my presets required custom versions of shaders I never got around to releasing. Which is honestly fine, like 99% of the stuff that went into my “custom” port ended up in guest advanced anyway, but done properly without glue and tape)

Granted I’ve posted settings before, but I wouldn’t really call any of the settings I’ve posted as an actual preset (too much is broke and it was me just learning things, on a side note, destroyed my friends mind the other weekend actually when I setup guest advanced on his PC)


One of the last times we talked you showed me what looked like a VCR-like type shader, the overall image was more on the purple side kind of but it looked cool as hell. I never did get to see if you finished working on it, that was months ago

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I’ll look through the showoff thread and see if I can remember wtf I was doing there, I still have all my files.

Sorry about never releasing stuff guys, mental health be hard.


I think you showed me in a 1 on 1 conversation I believe and it’s all good, you’ll post whenever you’re ready

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I’m not sure what this is in response to, but all good.

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Sonkun talking about VCR/VHS stuff I didn’t release.

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This must look “dry” and like one of those “pre built in scanline filters that come with any cheap emulator you can get in the Google Play store”

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The sass is real rn LMFAO.

Looks fine to me, it is a tad dry tho lol. Let me swish this around for a second to get a good feel…

Fr tho, it looks fine. (I’m not super into high tvl masks but that’s just preference talking.)


I’d like to get Sonkun’s input but I think he bowed out, lol.