Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Could you do me a favor and turn on the resolution info (second parameter) and post a screenshot so I can see what the core resolution was?



ASPECT RATIO Type: 4:3 (2)


Turning off Shader if it lets me increase the Internal Resolution Scale to 5x (for 1080p) and with Multisample Antialiasing set to 4x MSAA

Later, if I activate the shader, RetroArch freezes and I have to close it by force or it closes only with a Windows error message.

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Yep. And trying that in the shader will crash Retroarch. You will run out of video RAM.

I can turn Beetle HW up to 4x but 8x crashes. (Even using the STD shader.)

If you really want to use 5x (for 1080) in Swanstation. Then be sure to turn off downsampling in the core options, you can turn MSAA up to 4x.

Then use the MBZ__3__STD__DREZ-1080p__GDV.slangp preset.

For my presets the reference shader can be changed to the DREZ-1080p also.


I love this shader pack, but i need a bit of help. I have retroarch and a romset for finalburn neo, it works perfectly, i even have the bezel project overlays. Problem is, some games, i dont know how many, are vertical and the shaders wont adjust.

i usually use by default in all cores: Video / Scaling / Aspect Ratio = Core Video / Scaling / Integer Scale = ON this way i always have the pixel perfect screen size, even if it does not match with the overlays.

But ofc for this shader pack i need to use:

  • Video / Scaling / Aspect Ratio to Full
  • Video / Scaling / Integer Scale to OFF
  • Video / Output / Video Rotation to Normal
  • User Interface / Show Advanced Settings to ON
  • Core / Allow Rotation to OFFImportant for FB Neo

But doesnt work in vertical games (ex: 1943/1942 series) i have to rotate manually for each game.

however if i set my default scaling settings and tune the shader: HSM_ASPECT_RATIO_MODE = “6.000000”

it will have the perfect pixel size and rotate automatically but i lose the fancy bezels and its reflections

Any solution pls?

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Hi, how can I install that HSM Mega Bezel? I can’t use I download the base 2 files from onedrive but I don’t understand. I see too many files for too many users I’m Confused totally.

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Welcome. To fix the issue go to Options and set Vertical Mode On. Then go to Shader Parameters and change

[Flip & Rotate]
    Rotate CRT Tube: 1

This will only need to be applied to Vertical Oriented games.

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Welcome. To “install” Mega Bezel place the bezel folder inside Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang folder.

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thank you!

but thats what i feared, i need to set for each individual vertical game, need to find a list somewhere. Oh well the shaders are well worth the extra job! :slight_smile:


After you get your list, just put them in a separate folder. (i.e. FB-Neo_Vertical). Then create one Content Directory preset. :grin:


What @duimon said probably makes the most sense but I just wanted to add to what @hgoda90 said and tell you after changing the settings be sure to

Go back > Save > Save Game Preset

so that the setting will be applied each time you launch the game.

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You really have to take it step by step.

I download the zip then open it and Copy the bezel folder.

Then I go to where my RetroArch is installed and go into the Shaders folder, then go into the Shaders_Slang folder then Paste the bezel folder in there.

After that, you have to follow the setup instructions in the first post of this thread to a tee. Step by step…

Then load your game, go into the Quick Menu by pressing Start on your controller or F1 on your keyboard, then go into Shaders, then Load, then navigate to the Shaders_Slang, bezel, Mega_Bezel, Presets folder and choose one of the presets to load.

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I was able to find a list of Vertical MAME games.



Mega Bezel is updated to V 0.9.109 2022-06-24 Rev 1


  • Community CRT Presets have now MOVED!!! to their new home in the examples package HSM-Mega-Bezel-Examples in Mega_Bezel_Community_Collections
    • This is in preparation for going into the libretro repo. Since when the user runs the update shaders from within Retroarch It does not clean up old files we need to reduce the number of files which might change in the future and therefore leave dead and broken files on the user’s computer
    • Updated Cyberlab presets
    • Updated Nesguy presets (fixed the dark appearance in the Mega Bezel)
  • Update to crt-guest-advanced-2022-06-18-release1
    • Includes @guest’s new NTSC filtering and sharpening magic
  • Added Post CRT Brightness Affects Grade Black Level
    • This is 100 by default, so Post CRT Brightness affects the increase in black level added in Grade
    • If you set this to a low value e.g. 10 then as you increase Post CRT Brightness the black areas will not get brighter
  • Ambient Lighting controls for image layers
    • Added Ambient Lighting Multiplier (0-100) for each of the Image layers
    • Added Apply Ambient Lighting in ADD Blend Mode
    • This replaces the disable ambient lighting controls that used to be there
  • Separate color for the frame (Optional)
    • Use Bezel Color controls if the frame color follows the bezel or not
  • Fixed Reflection when using the CRT Curvature multiplier
    • Now the game image can look flat and the reflection will not show seams
  • Made Adjusted Diffuse Shadow smaller and less curved to be more natural
  • Screen Size by setting inches and monitor size, did some fixing to the screen size when in portrait mode
  • Auto Placement now has an additional parameter to choose if you want it placed horizontally
  • Fixed POTATO Background Brightness
    • Defaults to 1 (ON)
  • The Reflection Mask texture parameters have been removed until the feature can be put back in (It has been gone for months)
  • Updated a lot of the readme description of parameters


Shader Package Approx. 15 MB

Extra Examples Package


  • You MUST use Retroarch Version 1.9.8 or Later (It will fail to load on earlier versions)
    • If you have a previous Mega Bezel install:
      • Delete the old Mega Bezel from shaders/shaders_slang/bezel
    • Inside the .zip is a bezel folder, copy the bezel folder into your Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang folder
      • The final path to the Mega bezel should be Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel
      • The final path to the examples should be Retroarch/shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community_Collections/HSM-Mega-Bezel-Examples
    • Set video driver to Vulcan
      • It will run in GLCore but seems faster in Vulcan
      • D3D is not recommended. If it loads in D3D it has a VERY slow load time
      • Restart Retroarch after changing the video driver
    • Open the Settings Menu and Set:
      • Video / Scaling / Aspect Ratio to Full
        • This will match your monitor aspect aspect ratio
      • Video / Scaling / Integer Scale to OFF
      • Video / Output / Video Rotation to Normal
      • User Interface / Show Advanced Settings to ON
      • Core / Allow Rotation to OFFImportant for FB Neo
      • Do this before loading content
    • Load a preset in the shaders menu, Mega Bezel shader presets are found in:
      • shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets
    • When you save a preset make sure you have the Simple Presets feature set to ON
      • This will save a preset with a reference to the preset you loaded plus whatever parameter changes you made
      • This will keep your presets loading properly when the shader updates in the future

The following examples are all included in the examples package.

Auto Horizontal Placement

Mr Retrolust Examples

Tron’s Deadly Discs! This even has a potato version

Forgotten worlds :wink:

Normal Guest Shader

Guest NTSC

With a bit of de-dithering with some Box Blur before the NTSC Passes


Wow! Dropping bombshells like a thief in the night!

The mysterious @HyperspaceMadness strikes again!

Muchas gracias mi amigo!


With a bit of de-dithering with some Box Blur before the NTSC Passes

Which preset does that?

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All of the ADV presets have this, the parameters are right by the MDAPT parameter before grade

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CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack is now to be installed in the RetroArch/Shaders/Mega_Bezel_Community_Collections folder!

The old Mega_Bezel_Community folder can (and should) be deleted.

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hello friend I was adding these designs but I don’t know how to stretch the bezel to match the image?


Hi there check out the auto placement example in the examples package, or you can just adjust the position x offset near the screen scale parameters.

Also this is really off topic for Duimon’s thread, so this conversation is best done on the main Mega Bezel thread.