New Lakka Build - Pentium CPU Compatibility?

Hello everyone. I’m looking to build a Lakka PC, but I’m not sure about CPU compatibility. I want to use a Pentium Gold G5400, but I’ve read that Lakka isn’t compatible with the iGPU on that chip. My next alternative is a Pentium G4560, but again not sure about iGPU compatibility.

I’d also consider a Ryzen 5 2400G, but I’ve read mixed reports on that as well.

I’m not interested in scoping out old Optiplexes or ThinkCentres for this. I also don’t want a discrete GPU. This is going to be a mini-itx build stuffed into a Realan SFF case.


To my understanding, as long as the GPU supports OpenGL 2.x and up, it should work. To put this into perspective for you, my Lakka mini-ITX build uses an older i7-6700T with Intel UHD Graphics 530, where as the G5400 you mentioned uses a much better UHD Graphics 610. Both support a much later version of OpenGL, 4.5 I believe. That CPU should work just fine.

I’m curious where you read it had compatibility issue? Can you share?

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Perhaps they’re referring to the lack of Win10 drivers for older intel integrated graphics, which makes them incompatible with the GL driver in RetroArch…? It’s unrelated, of course, since Lakka is Linux-based.

Ah yeah that could be it. But as you said it’s unrelated. I really don’t think it’ll be an issue. Now that I think about it, do you think it may be a KMS support thing?

Possibly, but I think KMS works with those integrated GPUs just fine…

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Yep my thoughts as well. I think either CPU will work.

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Thanks for the input. My concern comes from primarily this thread here: Unable to Boot on PC, as well as Unable to boot - Stuck on flower screen, and issue 556 here:

Since the guy in the first thread is using the same CPU as what I’m looking at then I guess this is a no-go. TL;DR the UHD 610 iGPU on the 5400 isn’t supported.

I suppose I could try some of the development builds, but I’d hate to go to the trouble of building something and then having to jump thru hoops to install Lakka. Or maybe the HD 610 (not UHD) on the 4560 might fare better? It’d be nice if there was a hardware compatibility section that listed what hardware is supported on the PC side.

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Interesting. I never knew this was even an issue. Maybe in the meantime you could install Debian or something and run RA that way until the iGPU is supported in Lakka? You still get all the benefits of running in a Linux environment (KMS, lightweight, and it’s not Windows).

I’ve already got Retroarch setup on my PC to my liking. I really want a dedicated box that I can have set up in my living room and that will let me offload the many gigs of games from my main PC. Maybe one of the 3.0 development builds will work.