RetroArch + Big Box + HSM Bezel Shader = SuperMega64

I’m working on making art that unifies my favorite emulator, Retroarch, with my favorite front end LaunchBox. Their are many great looking overlays and Bevel art such as @Duimon and this is just my preferred variation that works well for both emulator and front end. I hoping to make art for about 40 systems.

So far the mame core has the largest chance to flicker before it loads the core.

Genesis animated in action:

Arcade in Action:

Snes in Action


I have close to 40 emulators to make are for and I’m starting with the earliest. I’m messing around with things animated in Big Box to looks slightly different than the static background in retroarch.



Simple bezel for a simple machine. There is a subtle rolling shine on the BigbBox side of things.


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I couldn’t think of anything to animate for the Mattel Intellivision. Perhaps in the future I’ll add a scrolling marquee of the slider inserts you placed in those terrible controllers.


In the 80’s they really wanted people to use a controller that was as close to a TV remote control as possible. Coleco Vision is another one I couldn’t think of a good animation for. Perhaps I will revisit it.


Finally starting into the consoles I actually still like to play. I couldn’t decided if I wanted the NES bezel to be inspired by the console, the controller, or the box art so I choose all three. The buttons flash and it has moving starts from the early black box.



These all look really good. Thanks for sharing :smiley:

Very nice!

I love that you combined the console and the controller :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:, that controller is so burned into my memory, and remembrances of a sore thumb.

So many hours poured into final fantasy too :grin:

Which NES game has Cloud in it?

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I love watching this thread my friend. Nice stuff!

I have been thinking about doing a Kodi theme for Bigbox, your animations have convinced me.:grin:

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Thanks guys. I’m having fun learning Affinity Photo/Designer and vector art. @HyperspaceMadness You noticed Cloud. I love ridiculous bootleg/homebrews. The FF7 NES game is actual decent.


This is another mash-up of console and box art in BigBox that transitions to just the console by the time you hit play. It reminds me that I should make a playlist of SMS games that use the FM sound chip. SegaMS


The Famicom Disk System is something I have no experience with but find it a fascinating piece of Nintendo’s history. Not only does it have the original Legend of Zelda, but strange things like a sewing simulator and Sex Invaders. The bezel in BigBox has a very soft rolling shine on the metal. FamDS01 FamDS02


I thought you would enjoy this bit of Phantasy Star history

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@HyperspaceMadness Nice, I think Phantasy Star 1 was the first RPG I finished.

I might revisit the Turbo Duo. I never had one as a kid so it always felt a bit like a Go-Bot while the NES was a Transformer. Crazy to think it had a CD so early in it’s life. The little green lights blink in the BigBox animation.

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With my new vector knowledge I updated my SNES and Genesis designs. I’m not sure if I like BigBox having the white grid or the red stripes from the later boxes for the Genesis animation. Also Zelda BS is really cool.



CDi… Why did I bother with this thing? Will I did, and here it is.

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I love the Sega CD. It is my guilty pleasure console. It was the future incarnate. “I can’t believe I’m seeing a 128x128 16 color full motion video with terrible acting from barely recognizable TV actors!” SegaCD02

Is this the greatest Naughty Dog game ever made?

Yeah this seemed amazing at the time, I made a special preset to blur the crap out of the image so it is more tolerable on FMV games

I had Time Gal and Cobra Command (AKA Thunder Storm) and road avenger actually looks a bit better, certainly better than Time Gal.

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I’ve played around with that preset and it’s great. Sometimes i need that raw terribleness injected into my eyes.

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