RetroArch + Big Box + HSM Bezel Shader = SuperMega64

@HyperspaceMadness Nice, I think Phantasy Star 1 was the first RPG I finished.

I might revisit the Turbo Duo. I never had one as a kid so it always felt a bit like a Go-Bot while the NES was a Transformer. Crazy to think it had a CD so early in it’s life. The little green lights blink in the BigBox animation.

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With my new vector knowledge I updated my SNES and Genesis designs. I’m not sure if I like BigBox having the white grid or the red stripes from the later boxes for the Genesis animation. Also Zelda BS is really cool.



CDi… Why did I bother with this thing? Will I did, and here it is.

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I love the Sega CD. It is my guilty pleasure console. It was the future incarnate. “I can’t believe I’m seeing a 128x128 16 color full motion video with terrible acting from barely recognizable TV actors!” SegaCD02

Is this the greatest Naughty Dog game ever made?

Yeah this seemed amazing at the time, I made a special preset to blur the crap out of the image so it is more tolerable on FMV games

I had Time Gal and Cobra Command (AKA Thunder Storm) and road avenger actually looks a bit better, certainly better than Time Gal.

I’ve played around with that preset and it’s great. Sometimes i need that raw terribleness injected into my eyes.

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I almost forgot the Atari Jaguar. Even as a dumb kid who wanted everything video game related, I remember picking up the controller and thinking “nope”.


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I wanted a 32x so bad when I was a kid because I was stupid. I’m glad I never got it. The Big Box animated variants work well as theme to create a nice virtual tower of power. 32x01

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I might redo this to be the model 1 instead of the 2. I love how the commercials became increasingly insane in this era. SSat01


I want to think of something more interesting for the animation on this one. As of now the green power light blinks. As I go through consoles by date I think the PS1 might be my favorite.

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I hate you N64 but I’ll still make a bezel for you and your stupid hard-rive add-on.


Good ol’ Dreamcast.



I felt the PS2 was the finally nail in the Dreamcast and I’ve always resented it a little bit. Wow does this look dark with the forum’s white background.

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If Dreamcast had a cousin it would be the Gamecube.


I have PS3 emulation just so I don’t have to drag everything out to play Demon Souls.

Here are the final two console by date I have emulated. Since both run in a 16:9 ratio it doesn’t make to much sense to have a retroarch border at runtime.

I emulated the WiiU only for NESRemix. (And so I can leave my original in the closet.) I think it’s the only interesting games left exclusive to that console and a fitting title in a sea of emulation. Next up, handhelds.


The green hurts me. I think I saw this commercial a million times as a kid. If you can’t see it there is the red wireframe from the GB box moving in the background.


Why does Tails look miserable every time he jumps in his own game? Not a good sign for the Game Gear.


What to do with a Virtual Boy? Laugh at it and move on. 01VB