[SOLVED] Dolphin/GameCube — 2 players!

I bind my controllers successfully, and I played 2-players on SNES, just to test successfully. Everything is good for 2-players.
However, Dolphin/GameCube doesn’t allow Player 2 to move or click any buttons. Just a dead Player 2. I tried swapping controllers.
Has anyone had success with 2-player on Dolphin/GameCube?


I don’t think so. They seem to be hooked up, but I haven’t seen any reports of successfully playing with more than one player.

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Thank you. I’m still looking at documentation on dolphin, and haven’t seen multiplayer referenced. Just didn’t know if I’m treading water, but I can wait for this to be implemented in the future.

All you have to do is go to the Dolphin.ini in savefiles/Config/Dolphin/ and duplicate the first controller entry.
SIDevice0 = 6
SIDevice1 = 6


oh wow, that’s good to know. Thanks for sharing your solution!

You’re welcome. I don’t know what 6 means, but when in doubt, I duplicate the working variables.
I would assume a 5-Player would be all 6’s too. I think 6 might be the dev port or interrupt.

Thanks! I was looking for this and everywhere i just found that it was impossible to play with 2 controllers on the dolphin core.

I think many users would like to get this into a FAQs so it is never lost.

I can’t seem to find the dolphin.ini file in the location mentioned here. I too am trying to get multiplayer going in gamecube. I am running lakka on a mac mini but basically a PC install of course. I have been searching via ssh to find dolphin.ini anywhere and have no luck.

Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

You have to make it yourself. It doesn’t get created for you.

Makes sense! Thank you very much! I’m new to Linux but am slowly figuring things out.

Actually it is very easy to get the data files.

Go to Online Updater -> Content Downloader -> Dolphin -> dolphin-data.zip

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For me it was in the same directory as where I picked my ROMs from: ~/Download/User/Config/Dolphin.ini Setting SIDevice1 = 6 worked for me!

Thank you for the note.

After downloading the dolphin pack from the content downloader my file was located: storage/savefiles/User/Config

Hopefully this helps the next person. Seems like this should come with the ini having these changes done.

Thank you for the note. I’m not sure why the location changed, I think I used a previous version and haven’t had to edit ever again.

I’ve got this working for 2 Players.

Does anyone have a solution for 4 Players?

I’m unable to test with 4 players.

Any idea what I would need to test?

could it be referencing a 6-axis controller ?