TVch34 Overlay

Just a quick little idea I had based on this awesome twitch channel I think I’ll watch my own Beavis and Butt-Head videos on it and retro shows.

Configured for 4K and FFmpeg. You’ll have to figure out the coordinates for 1080p or anything else.

If you can better it by adding a subtle reflection shader around the screen edge please let me know? That would be great. Also included a couple of variations.



The settings for 1080p I got is

X Position: 478
Y Position: 274
Width: 734
Height: 558

TVch34 Cropped
X Position: 418
Y Position: 222
Width: 824
Height: 623


After I showed my friend, they said it would look better cropped so I made some slightly cropped versions, too. There’s a different config file for each which you’ll need to find and swap.

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You can combine these overlays with my CRT Shader preset to get an even more old school look and feel!

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Hi, thank you. Can you show me the result you get and with which shader? I get a bezel within a bezel using these… And it’s really slow unless I have a wrong setting somewhere. I’m currently using the NewPixie shader and it’s fine, I use that with everything. But I’m curious what can be done and specifically how to get a glow or reflection on the edge. I don’t know how that’s possible with a bezel on the top layer.

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Hi There @hydef, The Mega Bezel can do a number of different things. One is generating a dynamic bezel based on your screen, and another is adding reflection. It’s also possible to take a background image like you have, then put the screen on top and reflection on top of this background image. The kind of TV you currently have in this image is a little tricky to get the reflection on exactly as you might want since it has a sort of double bezel around the screen that the Mega Bezel doesn’t support automatically (Yet :wink: ), but there are probably some tricks we could use to do that as well.

Here’s an example with the screen diffuse effect and a bit of reflection on top of the glass (probably needs a different texture) and reflection on the bezel

Here’s an example where the bezel is not autogenerated and the reflection is added on top of the background image, and modulated with a texture (which is what could deal with your double bezel situation)

But… it does take more processing than using a standard shader since the reflection is being generated on the fly.

The Mega Bezel main thread is here:

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@HyperspaceMadness Hello. Ok, so one way is that you can put the screen on top… That makes sense. Yeah, this is a cool feature you’ve created. The Neo Geo cab in particular looks excellent and with that effect on it really tops it off.

I can get your shader to work with games on my i5, but video seems to really struggle, even low quality stuff. Maybe it’s the video driver, I’m not sure. It doesn’t seem to change for FFmpeg, it’s always glcore. Otherwise I’d use Vulkan. So I can’t really test it it.

But this thing about simulating the look of old tvs for specifically for video might be a really nice thing that more people could enjoy if they knew about it.


Thanks :smile: yeah, the reflection really helps integrate it with the graphics and helps it feel cohesive.

Hmm, so an i5, that’s a CPU with graphics processing on it? In terms of the graphics driver choice GLCore should be fine, it just might be the GPU power available from the CPU that is the difficulty. The preset with lowest performance requirement which still has the reflection is the STD__GDV-MINI preset so you could try that one and see what it’s like.

Yeah, I think it’s really fun for that retro feel, especially for standard definition content :grinning:

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I’ve been using my presets with Soqueroeu-TV’s Backgrounds for this same purpose just haven’t shared any screenshots or videos for copyright reasons.

I find the FFMPEG limited in what formats it likes to play compared to LAV Filters. I wish whoever maintains the core can provide some updates to make it more universal on modern formats.

You can also talk to @Duimon, @soqueroeu, @TheNamec, @Orionsangel and @hgoda90 for assistance with things like the double bezel and implementing and integrating my presets and HSM Mega Bezel with different graphics and overlays.

They focus mainly on that while I’m not a graphic artist. I mainly focus on developing CRT Shader Presets that affect the pixels on the tube itself, giving it a more CRT like look and feel.

Also, could your FFMPEG automatically switching back to GLCore due to a Core Override you might have saved?

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@Cyber Yes, I noticed a couple of files didn’t have any sound. One was E-AC-3 and only one audio track. And you’re right, my cfg does have a glcore override. I never noticed that. I cleared it out. But it seems it’s getting added whenever I make an override since it can’t be changed to Vulkan. It’s weird, though because I’m using a slang (Vulkan?) shader… Confuses me. As does any of the technical stuff. It’s really overwhelming just even browsing some of the threads. But thank you.

Edit: To anyone just catching the thread. I removed the initial, more distanced versions and replaced with the crops I made. But I probably won’t be changing anything more.

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Implemented HSM Mega Bezel. I turned off the Bezel, Frame, and Reflection. This is for 1080p.

Shader File

#reference "shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Base_CRT_Presets/MBZ__3__STD__GDV.slangp"
HSM_BZL_OPACITY = "0.000000"
HSM_FRM_OPACITY = "0.000000"
shadowMask = "7.000000"
maskstr = "0.800000"

Video Scale Settings

X Position: 360
Y Position: 180
Width: 940
Height: 706


@ hgoda90 Nice lines. The funny thing is, when I originally posted screenshots, I was going to use this exact scene from King of the Hill in one of them. I just picked it randomly. Thanks for the settings.


Did an alternative of the shader settings. There are so many possibilities.

#reference "shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets/Base_CRT_Presets/MBZ__3__STD__GDV.slangp"
HSM_CURVATURE_3D_RADIUS = "300.000000"
HSM_BZL_OPACITY = "0.000000"
HSM_FRM_OPACITY = "0.000000"
shadowMask = "10.000000"
maskstr = "0.500000"

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I should say the effect I would love to achieve is rather like this, not with a different bezel around the screen. Because then it’s a different tv.

Just a quick photoshop mockup, which is possibly too strong, but shows roughly where the effect should be.


The “ambient glow” or “bigblur” border shaders might work for that if you added in some alpha to your image where you want the highlights and then layered your image on top of one or the other.

Neither of them will give you true reflections, but they should both be able to give an impressionistic version, and they’re both relatively lightweight.

EDIT: I moved off the Mega Bezel tangent to its own thread. Let’s give hydef a little space here :slight_smile:


Added a reflection version with a preset from the Mega Bezel pack. It’s very subtle most of the time and you might not notice it cause it looks dark normally. It takes about 7 seconds to load on my resolution and might stress my computer a bit so I might not even use it normally(!) but it’s just an option I wanted to have and try out.

Apologies if you need to find the screen coordinates again. I’ve included the ones I use.

See the bit of sky on the sides:

If you want to change the amount of reflection you can alter the HSM_REFLECT_GLOBAL_AMOUNT parameter. You may get better results.


The new video settings for 1080p is

X Position: 192
Y Position: 150
Width: 1275
Height: 762