Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates


Mega Bezel is updated to V 0.9.099 2022-01-22 Rev 1


  • Updated to crt-guest-advanced-2022-01-14-release1
  • Graduated Sonkun and BendBombBoom presets to the Community_CRT_Variations folder
  • Updated Cyberlab
  • Auto Aspect Ratio
    • Put in a catch for PS games with a 448 vertical resolution so they show up with a horizontal aspect, like the dreaded Tekken 3
  • Fixed Core Sampling Multiplier when the Rotate CRT is on
  • Fixed distance between Dual screens for wider monitor setups
  • On/Off scaling of masks with viewport zoom, defaults to Off
  • Parameter for Black Edge Under/Over the gel image
  • Tube Black Edge Thickness X Scale


Shader Package Approx. 15 MB

Extra Examples Package


  • You MUST use Retroarch Version 1.9.8 or Later (It will fail to load on earlier versions)
    • If you have previous versions of the Mega Bezel installed:
      • Delete the old Mega Bezel stuff from shaders/shaders_slang/bezel
    • Inside the .zip is a bezel folder, copy the bezel folder into your Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang folder
      • The final path to the Mega bezel should be Retroarch/shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel
    • Set video driver to Vulcan
      • It will run in GLCore but seems faster in Vulcan
      • Some users have run it successfully in D3D11 but with a slow load time
    • Open the Settings Menu and Set:
      • Video / Scaling / Aspect Ratio to Full
        • This will match your monitor aspect aspect ratio
      • Video / Scaling / Integer Scale to OFF
      • Video / Output / Video Rotation to Normal
      • User Interface / Show Advanced Settings to ON
      • Core / Allow Rotation to OFFImportant for FB Neo
    • Load a preset in the shaders menu, Mega Bezel shader presets are found in:
      • shaders/shaders_slang/bezel/Mega_Bezel/Presets
    • When you save a preset make sure you have the Simple Presets feature set to ON
      • This will save a preset with a reference to the preset you loaded plus whatever parameter changes you made
      • This will keep your presets loading properly when the shader updates in the future

Dual Screen supported for different viewport aspect including ultra wide

Tekken Auto Aspect


Colored Gel On

Thicker Black Edge

Black Edge Under Gel


Looks like I have some work to do on some presets. (Just when I thought I had time to do a graphic or two. :wink:)

Thanks for the update my friend. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Getting closer to the retro-scenery composition I was dreaming about when I first got my hands on Mega Bezels… and this is real-time, flexible, and FAST.

Coming soon in my next project… Mega Bezel CRT Experience!


This background is very immersive! I like it!


That DS overlay looks amazing. Is it included in the pack?


You can get it here:


Great update!

Hey I just randomly remembered you teased the possibility of there being animated backgrounds in the past – like a rainy window behind a TV. That would be awesome. Or a flickering candle :exploding_head: Please tell me it’s still possible some day :smiley:


Yeah things like that are still on the radar :grin:

I really like this effect in this shadertoy that I think could be interesting for the glass preset :

And the animated light in the background is definitely of interest to a lot of people in terms of colour shifting for OLED displays.


That would make for a very melancholy retro gaming experience. But very cool looking.

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Yeah, not sure how long it take to be annoying. Would be a good accompaniment to when you land in Crateria :wink:


I’m having some issues when using the PPSSPP’s Nearest scaling option. Specifically in Final Fantasy Tactics (FFT), the aspect ratio in the shader isn’t quite right causing the text and sprites to look stretched.

None of the preset aspect ratios seemed to work, and I wasn’t sure which ‘Explicit’ value to use. Any ideas on how to solve this?

I am using MBZ_2_ADV-GLASS_LCD-GRID in the image, with curvature switched off.


The LCD-GRID looks aligned perfectly, so I am assuming the integer scale is also.

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So this is probably the problem. I think the PPSSPP is doing the uneven nearest neighbour scaling of pixels which is making things look bad.

I’m not sure why it would be uneven though, because I thought that the psp ran at 1920x1080 which is 1.77 which matches your retroarch window.

Can you turn on the resolution info and take a snapshot to show us what resolution the core is outputting?

You may also want to try using native res output and seeing what that looks like


The PSP’s native resolution is 480 × 272 pixels with 24-bit color, 30:17 widescreen aspect ratio.

16:9 ~= 1.78

30:17 ~=1.76

And the PS Vita is 960 x 544, same aspect ratio.


That would certainly be enough to get an uneven result with nearest neighbor upscaling.


driver set to Vulkan


No shader/simple shaders like Aperture Grille: No issues

HSM Adv and Std: Looks washed out; like if brightness was turned all the way up/1.2 gamma or something.

HSM Potato: working as expected. High contrast and accurate color.

Whatever their differences, they are probably the cause of the washed out look.


Ah, thanks for pointing that out! :star_struck:

My guess is it’s the specific color depth/format setting in the last pass, hopefully this should be easy to fix!


@HyperspaceMadness I finally got around to trying out the “A/B Splitscreen Compare”.

That is some cool wizardry going on!! :star_struck:


The freeze feature is a godsend for people like @Cyber who may be trying to fix/improve a preset.


Yeah, that was a fun one which didn’t actually require that much work! The freeze is fun to test out crt shader adjustments :slight_smile: