Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Missed the edge difference. I was still able to get rid of the black line but the edge would still be a problem.

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I think this is the question to the answer you’re looking for.

If you would like to “see” 1080p Optimized presets on a 4K display, you can disable scaling in your graphics card driver settings then set your desktop resolution to 1080p. This will show you a true 1080p desktop using only 1920 x 1080 of your display’s 3840 x 2160 pixels.

It might be small and uncomfortable to work with but it should still be compatible with subpixel “aware” masks.

As for maintaining consistency, you can try to use appropriate RGB Masks which maintain the RGB triads as well as a more or less consistent TVL and using your eyes, adjust the Slot Mask height to be consistent with your 4K presets.

At least this is how I went about scaling my presets to work optimally at multiple resolutions.


Ok thanks, I will try it, but at the moment to begin with, I will post my 4k settings tonight if I’ve got time, about 0.00 GMT +1 time. Yesterday I tried a bit on 1080p downscaling the desktop, but at least mask 6 look weird also with BGR turned on. So I need a rest at the moment to try messing with 1080p. :sweat_smile: But I will keep updating more pack settings with time.:grin:

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i just found out a crt shader created by sonkun which is actually quite good, and i’m wondering can i combine that shader with this mega bezel? i just want it to have a crt tv for the border and background


I believe @sonkun is not using a straight-up Guest Advance modification. This will break compatibility with the Mega Bezel.

So, if I am correct, this would mean it is not something that could be done at a user level.

Plain ordinary Guest derivatives, as long as they are using the same version of the Guest shader that the Mega Bezel uses, can be used in the Mega Bezel.

My next guide will detail how to do this.

It is also the last item on my list before the new guides, and an updated version of my pack, are released.


You can also take a look at some of the Community CRT Variations included in the Mega Bezel Examples Package or one of the many variations included in the HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader package itself.

Alternatively, you can take a look at these:


Does this only happen when the independent bezel scale is on

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@lokq12 That’s pretty much the reason my presets aren’t apart of the Mega Bezel project. I’ve gutted and added other shader passes to almost all my guest presets, I’ve taken the “composite” pass from “crtsim” to use for my 3-phase presets, “ntsc” from the “mame” shader to use for my 2-phase presets and I’ve added “sgenpt-mix multipass” to my svideo presets. The only presets that use the guest shader by itself are my rgb presets, so those could be potentially added if anything.

My presets use to be part of Mega Bezel before they commercially went mainstream so you can still use a really old version of my presets if you go backwards (not ideal.)

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Yes, so far I’ve only seen it occurring when Independent Bezel Scale is on.

More specifically, it only happens when the Bezel overlaps the viewport.

If Bezel Independent Scale is on but the Bezel does not overlap the viewport, it didn’t seem to occur, at least not in my testing last night.

Yeah, I can see what you mean, right now if you choose size 2 on one of the sub-pixel masks you get the mask blown up so that you have Magenta over 2 pixels, is that correct?

I agree that different mask setups for different monitor configs could be pretty interesting, because using the same mask at 1080p and 4k is not going to be a good result as you say.

I’m wondering if we could use some wildcard magic to choose a different params file to load, so the same preset could be loaded at 1080p and 2160p and get different mask settings optimized to the resolution,that seems like it could be a big plus, for tree user they would not have to choose presets based on resolution.


This is the whole idea behind CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Preset Pack having 1080p, 1440p, 4K_Optimized folders and IV OLED Presets.

It wouldn’t necessarily give you a bad result but it won’t be consistent.

Presets made with a 1080p or 1440p display in mind tend to look softer/less harsh and end up being higher TVL if used unchanged on a 4K display.

This can be desirable in some instances and forms the basis for my Le’Sarsh_4K_Optimized presets, which are identical to my 1440p_Optimized presets.

Another thing that I’ve learned is that you need to have a certain minimum number of pixels if you want to render a particular resolution at a particular TVL properly.

When you are short on pixels, you’re more likely to get all sorts of anomalies in the fine details of the graphics which is why I ended up using high Integer Scale percentage/Offset values for my SNES presets, which led me to using Bezel Independent Scale. I’ve documented some of these anomalies.

I’ve read time and time again about moire and stuff like that especially when curvature is being used, I’ve observed that moire is less of an issue when you have enough pixels to render the TVL you’re aiming for.

I learned this when doing some experimentation using presets with Graphics. The graphics take away valuable resolution resources from the CRT effect.

I was able to solve the moire issue by using the appropriate TVL mask for the effective resolution left after taking into consideration the amount used by the graphics.

An example of what I’m speaking about could be @soqueroeu -TV backgrounds. Due to the size of the viewport you’re better off using mask settings that are optimized for 1080p than 4K, even if you’re using a 4K display if you want to minimize the chance of getting moire artifacts and other strangeness.

The next thing that makes a good case for having separate optimized presets for different display setups is the fact that the filtering looks different depending on the resolution. There was an issue where the noise and deconvergence wouldn’t scale properly but those have since been rectified in HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader with the addition of different scaling/behavior options.

The idea with the wildcards are that you could put whatever needed to be different per resolution in the params files and the wildcard system could choose the correct one.

Basically this would be similar to multiple presets, customized to different resolutions, but accessed by loading only one preset.

You could even have both, an Auto folder which has all the presets which auto determine which params to load, and the other folders with the presets for specific resolutions.


Wow! This sounds wild! :sweat_smile:

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In fact, some graphics in the current version of the package contain some points to improve and that were not thought for advanced functions of MegaBezel. Sorry about that.

I’m slowly working on updating these backgrounnds. HSM and other forum members encouraged me to separate the layers. First I’m updating some charts and then I need to run tests and see how they behave separately.


Sorry guys, last night I was tired and I was unable to upload anything, I apologize. Tonight if nothing happens I will. At the moment I will upload only Mega Drive settings, I improved scanlines, color and enhanced the quality image slightly a bit, now looks better. I’m working on Arcade Settings too and it will be the next step. Here are snapshots of Mega drive improved setting.


Yes, it’s a target display subpixel feature these masks use for a low level RGB…mask effect. For example masks 0 and 5 are very nice RGB masks with size 1.0, but standard enlargement makes them true magenta-green.

This would be nice indeed for new presets and should best include another control parameter, so existing presets or standard tweaking wouldn’t be affected. My concerns are it could get tricky as there are more viable ‘upgrade paths’ from 1080p to 4k. :grin:


Yeah, I totally get this :slight_smile:


Good Night everyone! As i promised, here is my first setting for the mega drive. I will insert in the pack more settings in the time being. You can check the link here…

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Now working on the arcade…


Snes starting to look cool as well…