RetroGames4K's Mega Bezel screen pics, gameplays & custom settings

Welcome to RetroGames4K’s thread. Here I will post every screenshot, gameplays and custom settings from Mega Bezel and other Retroarch’s shaders. My main objective is to post screenshots from my custom settings and hope you enjoy it.

Here are my custom settings. This setting is based on my 14" CRT Sanyo CE14AT08-C These images are real photos taken from my Sanyo CRT for comparison purposes:

These custom shaders are specially designed for 4K, it’s tested on a LCD LG RGB IPS 4K monitor. I don’t know how this setting is going to look on 1080p or if it’s going to work. I will update more settings on the time. I recommend to use Retroarch version 1.15 and Mega Bezel V1.14.0_2023-04-15.

Extract the rar file and put the settings inside the shaders folder.

:rotating_light:Added NEW 1080p Settings 24-11-2023.:rotating_light:

:rotating_light:Notice!:rotating_light:These 1080p settings are for an RGB monitor like mine, so it’s already set to Mask layout 1. In case you have a BGR monitor, you have to set Mask layout to 0:

Mask layout 1 for RGB monitors:

Mask layout 0 for BGR monitors:

:rotating_light: **Updated NEW 1080p Settings 24-06-2023. **. :rotating_light:

Here is the pack: The password to unzip is:

Download link:


Here are my first screenshots from Mega Bezel…

Chiky Chiky Boys


Congratulations on your new thread!

These are some of the best and cleanest CRT Shader presets I’ve seen! Keep up the good work! You’ve definitely got the eye for it!

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Thank you :grinning:. I will post the best ones. The thing that was missing and it’s been hard for me has been the brightness and gamma, but now I think I’ve got it. All thanks for this community, with the help of all of you, this is been possible… :grin:

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Do consider sharing your preset settings with the community as well at some point. It’s your choice though. Just thinking that they look pretty definitive and others can benefit as well by just plugging in the values or loading their favorite RetroGames4K presets.


Rastan at it’s full potential :crazy_face:


I will post it soon. Want to make sure everything is alright. Also I will make a 32 bit preset por Ps1 and Sega Saturn presets. Soon, if everything is ok I will share them. :grinning:

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Here are some more screenshots. I’ve optimized brightness, I think is perfect now. At last!:sweat_smile: IMG_20230120_045241 IMG_20230120_045142



Screenshot and gameplay of the game Neo Turf Masters from Neo Geo

Ultra Smooth RGB Mode…


Realistic PS1 custom setting…

A video gameplay…


Nice screenshots and video! I could just imagine how they might look with slightly more sharpness (horizontal/subtractive sharpness or maybe even fast sharpen) and a bit less curvature (possibly independent curvature).

Do you play on a big screen and do you test from both near and far viewing distances?

Thank you😃 It has got adaptive sharpness 10.0 already, substractive sharpness is by default and horizontal sharpness is at 15.0. About Fast sharpen If you mean Guest Sharpness is by 1.00. About the independent curvature, which option is that?:thinking:

I play near, on a 27" 4K PC Monitor. When I play directly, I think the sharpness is enough. On videos and Photos, loses a bit of sharpness.

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The parameter I was actually thinking of is “CRT Curvature Multiplier”.

By default it is set to 100% so the CRT curves the same amount as the Bezel. Lower percentages would cause the screen to curve less in relation to the Bezel.

So you can use that to get a more natural, less exaggerated CRT curve.

This explains why it comes across a bit softer for me. I’m viewing on a 55" 4K from several feet away.

Presets that might look blurry from a distance can look relatively sharp and in-focus from a closer viewing distance.

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So what is the curvature that you use? Any suggestion is welcome :grinning:

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What I realized is, I didn’t maxed out the internal resolution for the NTSC parameter. Maybe because of that. I’ll try to change that and see if it looks sharper. I’ll change that tonight and I will share a screnshot with you. Also with your curvature parameters that you give me. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Well I mostly never remembered seeing horizontal on-screen elements looking bent and convexly shaped when I sat level with the screen. So for me, I have recently been experimenting with a very minimal amount of curvature. So my newest presets (the ones with the graphics) use just 10% I think.

I can’t remember off hand the extent of curvature I used in my Soqueroeu-TV Special Edition presets but it’s very minimal. Those use the older Bezel Independent Curvature parameter.

Another reason I don’t like too much curvature emulation is because in side scrolling games it looks like you’re looking through a magnifying glass or fishbowl and it looks very unnatural to me when scrolling.

Curvature also affects some fine details of the image on the whole which you can see if you observe carefully some high contrast edges and switch it on or off.

Many presets I’ve seen have curvature set so high that it screams, “Hey look at me! I’m not flat, because I’m a CRT!”

Maybe my brain adjusted for it and since I got used to flat screens I’m just more sensitive to it but I’m sure it’s not something that stood out long ago so if making sure it doesn’t stand out means zero or very little curvature then so be it.

You should use what suits you best though. This is to a large extent subjective in terms of what one prefers over another. I think you might gain some quality and accuracy by sharpening things up just a bit more so that they are not blurry from both close and far viewing distances.

You can tweak the NTSC Resolution but you can also tweak the different sharpness settings. The NTSC Resolution can be used creatively to simulate all sort artifacts depending on the setting

If you’re using Mega Bezel Reflection Shader 1.8.0 - 1.9.0 the Horizontal Filtering sections seem to be broken at the moment at least for me. The controls don’t seem to work and the overall image is slightly softer than in 1.7.0 all else being equal.

That could possibly explain why your presets look softer. You might simply have to load them using 1.7.0 and they might look sharper.

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Which controls are those?, So I can check them out myself…

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All the settings that are listed under the heading [Filtering Options] and [NTSC Filtering Options].

In 1.7.0 there is only 1 set and everything works as expected.

In 1.8.1 there are 2 sections, one under the heading and the other with no heading below the Scanlines section.

Neither seems to work for me.

In 1.9.0 there are 2 sections, both have headings. The controls either don’t work or don’t seem to work properly at least not for me.

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Have you checked the latest git version?

Seems that NTSC filtering works very nice.