CRT Squabblin'

Just saying that example Sony CRT is 100% a “flat” screen model.


While this is all a bit tiresome I couldn’t let this slide.

From the TV Manual.

Presenting The FD Trinitron Wega (pronounced VAY-GAH) is characterized by outstanding contrast, uncompromising accuracy, and corner-to-corner detail. You will recognize the superiority of Wega technology almost immediately. The first thing you will probably notice is minimal glare from the flat picture tube. This flat-screen technology improves picture detail without distortion, unlike conventional curved screens.


Yes, but if I’m not mistaken that lottes mask setting he’s using give a dotty, grid like appearance even without additional scanlines. If you use some of the other grille patterns, like the Trinitron pattern, what you might end up with is a completely different appearance with clearly visible horizontal scanlines instead of the grid-like pattern he has in in screenshots.

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So we trying to be on topic here? I don’t think that’s how forums work, I think you’re thinking of discord :joy:

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ehhh but they’re not really similar. The CRT doesn’t have staggered horizontal lines. But whatever, it’s too much to explain and I’m lazy af.


I’m out, party on dudes.


oh yes my friend I know my crt has scanlines… but my scanlines appear and disappear 60 times a second on my crt… they are not simple black bars… example on my panasonic 1080p g20s plasma I use crt royal which imitates pvm or bvm… i played one minute of zelda link to the past… what happens if i go up vertically?? well the scanlines disappear… and what happens on your plasma?? like mine?? you end up with a raw uppscalle image in 1080p… and then you stop moving your scanlines come back and you end up with a pvm bvm type image… filter and nice…

what happens on my crt??? i don’t find myself with a raw uppscalle image… because the resolution is good in 240p and each pixel is in its place behind the grid, and when i move my phosphor triads and my aperture don’t disappear

that’s why I prefer in emulation the aperture or slot mask because it filters as much in horizontal as in vertical… that’s my experience after having played 10 years with retroarch and its shader presets… the scanline are inneficacce on modern screen… because they will never be able to display in vertical movement the scanline… my panasonic g20s plasma is a 900 motion line, but the scanline disappear… the oled has 300 motion lines without bfi, that’s why I activate it at 100%, in retrogaming, but even with the bfi the scanline are inneficacce on the oled… just my opinion.

I once got in a forum knockdown drag-out with a guy who insisted that CRT shaders were useless because CRTs were analog, so there was nothing to emulate.

I think Guest’s shader soundly proves him wrong.

I am a chef. Someone once told me what they had made for dinner and asked me if they had made it correctly. I said “Did you like it?” They said “Yes.” I said. “Then you made it correctly.” :grin:

If you like it eat it.


Literally three of us have, and do you know what a facade/facia is right?

Just because the plastic is curved doesn’t mean the glass is, and a flat glass screen curves to the left and right technically. (Just glass is just added until it’s flat, causing a magnification effect; Source I own a flat glass screen CRT, and a close friend owns a flat glass Trinitron, they both do this.)

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I stand corrected then. I thought there was a slight curve in the glass matching the slight curve in the bezel. I also thought that that was the same TV that @Brainbin74 was speaking about.

I’m using my mobile phone so perhaps on a larger screen things might have been more obvious. Thanks for the clarification.

Also, my apologies if anyone felt offended or for taking away from the topic.

no, this is the one… and i agree with you on the mask and scanline… why have scanline with a trinitron mask??? it’s like coding a pixel in a box. not just vertical mask lines plus horizontal scanline… because that’s not what you see on sony trinitron crt you just see small box with phosphors, and it’s beautiful… who can do that? it’s like having a simple overlay of a slot mask grid where it doesn’t have the offset seen above on my screen… I’ll try guest here and see what it offers in mask…trinitron… this is my crt and has a curvature

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well I download this is the last one???

crt-guest-advanced-2021-09-07-release1 .zip I’ll explore and see if I can finally do what I want… weird i found the megaman post here that talks about guest and he managed to imitate the trinitron aperture…

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You can also download:

Or this:

These include the latest CRT Guest Advanced Shaders at the time of their release and they have those awesome real-time bezel reflections too. You can probably ask @Duimon or @TheNamec if they can make a compatible Bezel to match your TV!

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That is literally what you see on any Sony Trinitron including the photo you posted: horizontal scanlines and vertical RGB phosphors. If you’re not seeing that in your photos it’s due to camera focus.

It’s just…. Man, these are well-established facts. Don’t know what else to say.

It’s cool though, keep on tweakin’

thank you cyber it’s duimon on reddit who posted the shader lotte compared to his meganan on crt… I just played 1 minute with crt guest… well the gamma colors etc are not as accurate as my custom preset which is a slot mask but it looks much better here on the screen.

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I don’t understand why I see & or things like dollars in the mask… the eyes of alladin in zoom

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yes my friend it’s the perfect addition it looks like a trinitron aperture

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another demo of guest-advanced, 5 minutes of tweaking


did you use revision2??? nesguy well played in 5min and in 10 min compared to guest rev1 there is better… more s and dollars in the mask… I don’t know what changed in detail IN CRT SHADER, but much more versatile now I think…

more than to hold the scanline because the pants of alladin does not have the softness of the preset slot mask and that should be able to correspond. after level adjustments of gammas there is not as much adjustment as misc.slangp that I use below but that should be sufficient I believe.

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Not me, that post was buy a guy named “PizzaCake33”.

Anyway. I like the default Guest ADV in the Mega Bezel, using Lottes mask #4.

This shot uses a visible phosphor layer that reduces contrast in the well lit room, and has a realistic indoor reflection on the screen.