CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack

This is the look that i crave on CRTs not really a fan of thick scanlines lol amazing work man thanks for what you do :+1:


Thanks for taking the time to leave this positive feedback. I try my best.

Just remember to spread the word so that others may benefit.


Introducing CyberLab Wii Slot Mask!

Note: You have to load full resolution, then open in new tab or window, zoom in or view fullscreen in order for these to look correct because of the mask and scanline settings.


Please update the first post with the new info Cyber, new people will benefit from it :smiley:

That Wii mask is look really good. I have a feeling it might work out for ps2 and gamecube. 4k only or is there a 1440p version?

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Patience young Padawan. Whenever I create a new preset that I think is worthy of being added to my preset pack, I try to update and include it as soon as possible so that users can start to use it immediately.

My schedule is pretty tight so I can only do things like that in between my other responsibilities and I like to present things properly.

The first post has already been updated with the new preset and anyone using my preset pack should be able to see the new preset in the 4K_Optimized, Console Specific Folder.

Thanks, that’s actually just my CyberLab Slot Mask 1P2RTA preset with the aspect ratio adjusted to 16:9 and the integer scale set to 100%. I just made it into a Console Specific Presets to provide a more Plug n Play solution to users of any experience level.

I think so too, although the apect ratio might need to be adjusted to 4:3 for GameCube (and possibly PS2 as well). I haven’t tested it on those systems yet though so that’s why it’s just called CyberLab Wii for now. Also, I haven’t been able to get PCSX2 core to work well yet (standalone works great however).

4K only for now as its still bleeding edge and so hasn’t been tested at any other resolution. It should work at 1080p though because I made a 1080p Optimized version of CyberLab Slot Mask 1P2RTA and it looks good. It’s doesn’t look identical to the 4K version though but it’s good enough to be included.

Slot Masks are pretty difficult to scale down to lower resolutions. 4K is like a bare minimum to get the RGB triads looking as they should and the pattern to look as intended. With that said, once there’s a 1080p Optimized version a 1440p version might follow at some point in the future once I’m able to test on a 1440p screen and I get the chance.

Thanks for the positive feedback. You already know what you need to do!

Do note that when I say “work” with respect to presets and resolutions I actually mean “look good” or “look properly” because any preset in my pack should load properly at any resolution and with a few parameter adjustments should be able to have appropriate Mask Type, Size and Layout settings to look as best as possible at any resolution.

So feel free to load up any of my other presets for example 1080p or 4K Optimized versions of one’s that aren’t available in the 1440p Optimized folder yet and experiment with those parameters mentioned above.


I went ahead and got a couple of shots for PS2 in 1080p, it looks pretty good.

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Eh heh? Which preset did you use?

By the way, I just added CyberLab Slot Mask Wii presets to the 1080p Optimized folders. Try those and see. You might just have to tweak the Mask Layout to match your display.

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It was the Slot Mask Wii. I changed the Mask Size to Auto.

With the 1080p Wii Mask:


Gamecube 4:3

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Okay, Excellent! Now download my updated package and try my new 1080p CyberLab Slot Mask Wii presets which are in the 1080p Optimized Folder.

Besides changing the CRT Mask Size, I also changed the Slot Mask size because I think I found the effect a bit too powerful and coarse with the CRT Mask Size adjustment alone.

Remember to pick the layout that matches your screen.


I already did. That is what I used for the PS2 and Gamecube images.

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Oh, I find it strange that I’m seeing the Bezel in the screenshots when in my preset I set the Integer Scale to 100% and in my testing the bezel was gone.

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Yeah, when I follow the presets the only ones there are is

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I found that 1080p Console Specific Sega Genesis won’t load.

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Thanks, will check it out ASAP.

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I solved it.

I left out the “.slangp” at the end of the referenced filename.

Will reupload a new package as soon as I get a chance.

Package updated and uploaded.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention.

@hgoda90 That preset is simply an alias or shortcut to my 1080p Blending and Transparency preset as that was made for Sega Genesis in the first place.


Just posting these so that anyone interested can get an idea of what I see when I view my presets on my good old Toshiba Regza 40XV645U rear CCFL backlit LCD TV.

There are some aspects of my presets that look better on this TV than on my 4K IPS Edge-lit LED TV. For starters this TV uses a Samsung VA panel and it’s in RGB 4:4:4 mode as opposed to the YCbCr 4:2:0 mode at 4K of my 4K TV. While the image is excellent on my 4K IPS and I have few complaints, the colours on the Toshiba seem to emit a sort of glow, even the whites that just isn’t noticed on the 4K IPS.

Be sure to zoom in on these shots to see what’s going on at the subpixel level.

For the ones below you might have to click on the image then Load Full Resolution, then zoom in or Open in a new Tab, then Zoom in or view Fullscreen for them to look properly due to the mask and scanlines settings.


CyberLab ReShade Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack



Try setting the Retroarch>>Settings>>Video>>Scaling setting to “Full”.


Salut salut De quel façon je peux m’en servir et avec quel version du jeux ?

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I think you might need to be more specific.

What game are you trying to play?

Are you asking about my CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack?

I suggest you scroll all the way to the top of this thread and read the first post. There you will find all that you need.

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