Hgoda90 - Mega Bezel Graphics + Varieties

I have gotten most of the shaders/presets done, what needs to be done by hand. All I have to do is Find and Replace, and bulk rename files. Instead of putting default and night together, I separated them into separate folders, Night and Day. To give a general idea, with Nintendo 3DS there would be 42 files with night and default together given 7 colors and 3 different orientations, so 7 x 3 x 2.

Edit: I forgot that I was going to do soqueroeu’s TV Backgrounds too, so it’s going to take a little longer to finish. I am also testing all the presets out first to make sure there are no problems. I have already run into a few.


Just finished testing everything. All the preset/shader files can be downloaded in the link at the top.


Uploaded all the files to Github instead of using zip so the files can be updated easier by users.


I added GBC2Player color variations. Now there are 25 different color combinations to pick from. The files are set as 1player color-[2player color].


I am thinking about varations of the PVM and TM presets without their respected backgrounds.


Greetings @hgoda90.

Just wanted to share some tips of how I was able to integrate my presets, without moire patterns while maintaing curvature and not having to resort to using Fake Scanlines.

I will also share the method I used to scale the image to fit the overlay. I started off with integer scale mode set to 0 and use Bezel Independent Scale to fit the viewport to the overlay but I subsequently was able to switch back integer scale mode to 1 and used the Integer Scale Offset setting in order to get the viewport to fit the bezel. Take a look below.

Moire pattern mitigation techniques:

  • enable GDV Noise
  • reduce Scanline Saturation
  • increase Scanline Gamma Offset
  • decrease Scanline Falloff
  • Integer Scale helps
  • larger viewport also helps
  • less curvature
  • lower mask strength
  • lighter scanlines also help

In my opinion, fake scanlines should be a last resort. At that point it might be better to just disable scanlines altogether and use a strong mask pattern alone. Very light scanlines plus appropriate mask strength settings should also get the job done.

Enabling Fake Scanlines results in misaligned scanlines and graphics.

This is just to demonstrate why you probably don’t need to resort to using Fake Scanlines at this point but of course to each his own. There’s no moire in any of these images even though curvature settings have been reset to default. GDV Noise was turned off before taking screenshots. That setting being On reduces the appearance of moire patterns even more.

Click on the links Load full Resolution. Right Click. Open in new Tab or Window. Click to Zoom. F11 for Fullscreen…

These are the settings I used to get the screen to fit the background graphics while maintaining Int. Scale:

HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE = "1.000000"

Thanks for the tips. I was thinking of adding your presets to the graphics somehow but I haven’t thought about how to accomplish it too much.

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I have standalone variations of the PVMs.


I could use the PVM backgrounds. I was thinking more of this option since I was wanting to keep the colors of the PVMs based on their systems.

Edit: This is just an idea of what to possibly add next.


Why don’t you start your integration experiments using this preset as a template/guide?

Updated 22-02-22


#reference "Mega_Bezel_Community/Soqueroeu-TV-Backgrounds_V2.0/presets/TV-Console/Nintendo_NES.slangp"

scangammaoffset = "2.500000"

g_hue_degrees = "-8.000000"
wp_temperature = "6500.000000"


g_sat = "0.020000"

post_br = "1.479999"

h_sharp = "5.200000"

GAMMA_INPUT = "2.400000"
gamma_out = "2.400000"

bloom = "0.150000"
halation = "0.000000"

scan_falloff = "0.250000"

g_crtgamut = "1.000000"

scans = "0.000000"
GDV_NOISE_ON = "1.000000"

glow = "0.000000"

masksize = "2.000000"

gsl = "2.000000"
scanline1 = "9.000000"
scanline2 = "9.000000"
beam_min = "1.350000"
beam_max = "1.300000"

shadowMask = "6.000000"
maskstr = "1.000000"

addnoised = "0.180000"
noiseresd = "1.000000"

HSM_INT_SCALE_MODE = "1.000000"

You can simply change the reference at the top to whatever Graphics preset you’re trying to integrate it with then adjust the settings I posted in my post above to get things to fit. After that, you can experiment with different settings from my other presets, like ScaleFX, MDAPT, GTU, Scanline Direction Pre-Scale and Horizontal Sharpness.

If you break things down into different stages like that, I think you might find it very simple to accomplish what you desire.

You can even play around with the Mask type, Size, Halation and Horizontal Sharpness like @Tromzy did based on my recommendations. He even disabled curvature altogether.

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US Sega Dreamcast

I found a way to get US Dreamcast by just changing [Background Layer]. These settings work with the Dreamcast_Alt presets.

[Bezel & Frame Color]
    Saturation: 100
    Brightness: 52

[Background Layer]
    Hue Offset: 335
    Saturation: 200

[Device Image Layer] & [Decal Layer]
    Saturation: 200
    Brightness: 184 

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The variations of FB-Neo can be accomplished the same way as Arcade and MAME with slight setting differences. Hue Offset, as before, is key.

Blue FB-Neo                              Green FB-Neo
-----------                              ------------
[Bezel Color]                            [Bezel Color]
    Hue: 239                                 Hue: 115
[Background Layer] & [Decal Layer]       [Background Layer] & [Decal Layer]
    Colorize: 1                              Colorize: 1
    Hue Offset: 239                          Hue Offset: 115
    Saturation: 200                          Saturation: 200

Orange FB-Neo                            Pink FB-Neo
-------------                            -----------
[Bezel Color]                            [Bezel Color]
    Hue: 25                                  Hue: 325
[Background Layer] & [Decal Layer]       [Background Layer] & [Decal Layer]
    Colorize: 1                              Colorize: 1
    Hue Offset: 8                            Hue Offset: 344
    Saturation: 200                          Saturation: 200

Purple FB-Neo                            Red FB-Neo
-------------                            ----------
[Bezel Color]                            [Bezel Color]
    Hue: 288                                 Hue: 0
[Background Layer] & [Decal Layer]       [Background Layer] & [Decal Layer]
    Colorize: 1                              Colorize: 1
    Hue Offset: 271                          Hue Offset: 0
    Saturation: 200                          Saturation: 200

White FB-Neo                             Yellow FB-Neo
------------                             -------------
[Bezel Color]                            [Bezel Color]
    Saturation: 0                            Saturation: 60
    Value/Brightness: 10.80                  Value/Brightness: 10.80
[Background Layer] & [Decal Layer]       [Background Layer] & [Decal Layer]
    Colorize: 1                              Colorize: 1
    Hue Offset: 0                            Hue Offset: 60
    Saturation: 0                            Saturation: 200


Thanks everybody for the 1K views. It has been an enjoyable month. This definitely wouldn’t be possible without @Duimon and @soqueroeu doing their great graphics. :partying_face:


As others have said, your contribution is fantastic @hgoda90 . Thanks a lot!

Many people are getting to know several of the MegaBezel possibilities. Color customization is just one of them and I’m definitely making use of your tips for my setup.


I thought I would post an idea of TV7.

[Bezel & Frame Color]
    Hue: 212
    Saturation: 30
    Brightness: 20

[Background Layer]
    Colorize On: 1
    Hue Offset: 212
    Saturation: 150
    Brightness: 50

[LED Layer]
    Hue Offset: 278
    Brightness: 90


The TV7 works because the background does not have the LCD characters. (They are only on the LED layer.)

I may remove the background LEDs from the rest of the systems at some point and just leave the LED layer on all the time.

If I do then users could change the colors of the LEDs.

I will have to do some testing because I am not sure if it would look quite as good in night mode. It would also require a LOT of editing and rendering so it will not happen anytime soon.)

Now that I think about it, I may separate the buttons and the logo on the TV7 presets so they stay the original color. Again, it will not happen today. :grin:


That might help me with the idea I had of making the TV7 white and LED being the same color as the picture. Yes, I got the idea of this from a microwave.

I will be working to get some LowRes NX colors done next.


I was finally able to get the Sega Dreamcast boot to match Duimon’s Sega Dreamcast graphic. It took a custom boot from japanese_cake.


I really like that color! :star_struck: