Mega Bezel Reflection Shader! - Feedback and Updates

Hey! Is there any easy way to use Dumions overlays in HSM from the RA gui? Last time I set it up was like a year ago, and then you had to edit the shader preset and point the overlay file. Is this still the case?

@e2zippo once you download Duimon’s folder and place it in the right directory you can then do everything from the GUI. No need to edit any files.

Ok. I’ve downloaded Dumions pack and placed it in \Retroarch\shaders\Duimon-Mega-Bezel\

How do I switch between different overlays, I’m, guessing it’s parameter in the shader?

just load one of the presets from RA GUI when in game: shaders\Mega_Bezel_Community\Duimon-Mega-Bezel\Presets\Advanced

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Ah. That’s not really what I’m after though. I was looking for an easy way to use Dumions overlays without using his presets. The HSM shader pack includes a variety of shaders, not just Guest.

Also I can’t seem to apply Dumions presets either, they fail to load, at least the Nintendo SNES ones.

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Before you try to add anything, you might have to install them correctly first. For the correct and most up-to-date instructions see the first and second posts here.

From the installation section in the second post on my thread.

And from the install info at the beginning of this thread…

Easy would be a relative/subjective term, but there is currently no way to do it in the shader parameters.

You will have to load one of my presets and save a core, game, or content directory preset. Then edit the reference line by hand. You can compare my Lite preset with a Standard or Advanced to see the difference.

Also, the use of the word “Overlay” may cause confusion. Overlays are separate from shaders and my presets don’t use them. These are technically shader borders.

Although I release Overlay versions of all my Borders, language is important when seeking an accurate answer.

If you still need assistance after digesting this post, please post again and we will get you squared away. :grin:


Ok, then it’s basically the same as before, so I know how to do that.

The folder structure is correct, not sure why you’re presets won’t load though.

Extracted Dumion’s pack here: \Retroarch\shaders\Duimon-Mega-Bezel
HSM is at \shaders\shaders_slang\bezel\Mega_Bezel\



is not the same as.


You are missing the Mega_Bezel_Packs folder.


Doh! I thought I checked them properly :expressionless:

Presets load fine now!


Just a cross post to for @TheNamec’s great new release!


My PC freezes when I try to load the shader ¿what happen?

Specifications? What CPU? RAM? Videocard and amount of RAM. storage

AMD FX 4100, Radeon HD 7770 1GB, 4GB RAM, HD 1TB, Windows 10 64 bit, Vulcan driver. I tried to load the normal preset and also the potato preset and my PC always freezes.

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What core are you using? It’s possible that the core is switching to D3D video driver.

Check the core settings to see if it has a setting to prefer vulkan or glcore if possible.

Also please get us a log so we can see what’s happening. Instructions are in the readme.

So I think I know what is going on, and this is something that I think just started happening with the new retroarch release.

Heres what I did to fix it for Swanstation

Go to:

  • Quick Menu > Core Options > Enhancement Settings > GPU Renderer

And set GPU Renderer to Vulkan

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Was the SGENPT-MIX option removed from the de-dithering options in the latest builds? It seems that there’s only the STRIPES option left to blend vertical line patterns. Unfortunately, STRIPES is not an option for me as it produces just way too many false positives with text. SGENPT did a much better job in that regard from my experience.


Yeah, Sgenpt has been gone for quite a while. I keep thinking about possibly bringing it back, but I’d need motivation to do so.

Could you show some side by side comparisons of the Stripes vs Sgenpt? So I can see where it’s doing better?


As an alternative to SGENPT-MIX, you can try the new Blargg_SNES_Custom_Psuedo_MD_Composite.filt video filter presets. They serve the same purpose of SGENPT-MIX while being a little less heavy handed in terms of distorting the sharp edges of objects with the same advantage of zero false positives.

You can also try the Blargg_SNES_Custom_Psuedo_MD_S-Video.filt preset which is a sharper alternative which still offers de-dithering and transparency for Sonic The Hedgehog and Shinobi III waterfalls and lots more.

Try them and let us know what you think. You can use them alongside your existing Shader Presets.

This is an example of what they look like:

You have to load full resolution then zoom in or view fullscreen in order for these to look correct because of the mask and scanline settings.

Jail bar de-dithering, (aka waterfall blending) & Sharp Sega Genesis Output at the same time.

CyberLab Genesis for Blargg + Blargg NTSC Genesis Composite CyberLab Special Edition video filter

CyberLab Slot Mask for Blargg + CyberLab Genesis Blargg Composite Filter

CyberLab Slot Mask for Blargg + CyberLab Genesis Blargg S-Video Filter

CyberLab Slot Mask II + CyberLab Genesis Blargg S-Video Filter


Sure thing.

First of all I have to add that besides the de-dithering effect I also really like the soft smoothing effect SGENPT has on the overall picture; especially on Blend set at 0.0. It’s not too blurry but just enough to smooth out rough edges and add more texture to some elements.

Hyllian+Stripes (notice the false positives at the cow sign and the percentage at the top)

MDAPT-Strict + SGENPT-VL(Blend 0.0).

Hyllian+Stripes (the X at the bottom left is completely muddled)

MDAPT-Strict + SGENPT-VL(Blend 0.6) (the X isn’t affected as much and I prefer this transparency effect a bit more over STRIPES)

Hyllian only (just to show that STRIPES or SGENPT are actually needed in order to de-dither this pattern)

Hyllian+Stripes (messed up grille and some parts around the game logo on the bottom right corner)

No MDAPT + SGENPT-Both(Blend 0.0) (example that the CB de-dither effect of SGENPT is also quite good. It actually looks a bit better with MDAPT additionally on top of it, but I wanted to be fair and only have one CB de-dither active)

Just a random example of STRIPES ruining all sorts of texts


Thanks for the heads up, but unfortunately those won’t do it for me either. It’s quite impressive how those filters manage to emulate a bad analogue signal / cheap TV but that’s absolutely not the look I want to go for.

I prefer a clean picture with some smoothing and de-dithering on top of it. The screenshots I’ve posted above are already the sweet spot for me personally.

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