CyberLab Mega Bezel Death To Pixels Shader Preset Pack and more!

You definitely should.

You might just have to lower the Integer Scale Offset by 1.

I really don’t know why you’re having issues. I just tested the whole lot of presets you mentioned plus the ones I recommend, all from my 1080p_Optimized folder and these are the results. The default mask layout for that folder is 1. I checked with both 1 as well as 0. For each Preset Screenshot I’ve included layout 1 followed by layout 0.







Based on these tests and results, I have a feeling that something is wrong with your setup somewhere. So you might want to try that clean reinstall as well as making a temp fresh RetroArch Folder and starting over.

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This goes without saying. All other presets would have been optimized without taking Blur into consideration. Same goes for Higan Colour Emulation. That doesn’t mean you can’t switch it on or off if you’re using any other preset, for example one of my SNES Sharp presets or other general purpose presets but you don’t really need to use those presets first and foremost as they’re kinda foundational presets and my console specific presets are built upon them with further tweaks and customizations. I only enabled Blur Emulation in the first place for the transparencies in Kirby’s Dream Land 3 SNES.

Then I’ve been trying my best to get a 1 size fits all SNES preset that supports the Blur, while being sharp enough to not cause eyestrain or headaches while playing Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart (from a distance) but at the same time trying to ensure that Ken and Ryu don’t look like they can cut you with their jagged elbows as if they belong in an Atari 2600 game.

Most recently I’ve been trying to do all of the above plus allowing SNES games to have some added NTSC magic and flavour without using my Custom Blargg Video Filter Presets which unfortunately don’t work with BSNES.

I’ll probably take a quick search myself but it isn’t a necessity, just another way to try out my stuff. Using 1080p_Optimized at 1080p will get you subpixel level accurate stuff that allows your modern monitor’s led subpixels to act like old RGB phosphors from CRT displays.

At last, someone who gets it. Someone with a sense of humour with an appreciation for pun and creativity.

No problem, I just want you and others to try to better understand what it is I’m attempting to do here in order to have a better experience. One that matches the outstanding and amazing experience that I have when playing my retro games.

Feel free to ask more and experiment with the different shader and filter preset combinations. Like RetroCrisis said, you’re sure to find at least one you’ll fall in love with.

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So for the sake of testing, I installed a fresh copy of retroarch on another drive. Changed all the relevant settings. Installed all the required packs inclusing same version of Mega Bezel Pack as your shaders pack (1.6.3).

First try was CyberLab__Computer-Monitor-Sharp__1080p__ADV

Second CyberLab__Computer-Monitor-Smooth__1080p__ADV

And finally, CyberLab__Ultimate_Virtual_Slot_Mask_CRT-1P2RTA__ADV

And green tint again :cry:

So looks like the monitor presets are working as they should.

I don’t get why it suddenly did that coz I just re-opened my original install of Retroarch and it’s back to normal :see_no_evil:

Is there anything more I could do to test why the green tint happens for this specific preset (as well as the ones I had tested earlier). Since Yogurtcito was having exactly the same issue as me, and he was using an Nvidia card (I’m on AMD), I don’t think it might be a graphics driver issue.

P.S. I’m off to bed as it’s past midnight here. Will test later based on your reply.

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Don’t worry about these things.

Don’t concern yourself too much with Yogurtcito’s experience for now.

Please send me a screenshot or photo showing your nVIDIA Control Panel’s Resolution and Colour settings.

This will show the current desktop resolution and Colour format, whether it is in Full or Limited mode if any Chroma Compression is being used and also the refresh rate.

You have to ensure that no additional scaling is taking place in the graphics card driver. Do you have anything like DSR on, you can try switching between GPU and Display Scaling. Make sure it is set to Center for the purpose of testing. Make sure that in RetroArch, you’re using Borderless Windowed Mode instead of Exclusive FullScreen mode.

Depending on the capabilities of your attached displays the nVIDIA control panel will automatically adjust to output the highest quality colour format that it can handle. So you might want to ensure that HDMI Deep Colour is enabled on your display for example and you want to be in PC mode for your HDMI Input Label and use Game Mode as well. Try with one display at a time if you’re on a multi monitor setup.

You can also try using GLCore or D3D11 Video drivers in RetroArch and see if the problem also occurs there.

I will see if I can send you screenshots with my system set to YCbCr 4:2:0 just to see if I get the same results that you are currently getting.

Also, is this happening on other cores, for example ones that emulate older generation systems?

What graphics card are you using by the way?

You mean to tell me I’m out here in this Miami heat bustin’ my ass working out and the opposite sex doesn’t find this to be a desirable trait lol

I won’t tell you how many times I crashed RetroArch last night tryna pair this up with a preset smh

any suggestions for a second core so I could give it a spin at some point?


At first, I was like ‘Oh, Cyber’s got some French dude (or chick) making contributions to the presets’ and then… :rofl:

Dude, Idk when the last time you tried BSNES_HD but when I decided to change to BSNES to see if maybe tht was what was causing the aspect issues it was like…the presets are vibrant there. The intention behind the work comes through.

Understatement, I have a list going bc it’s tough to keep track when they all bring some appealing/different to the table.

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There’s another SNES Core? Lol. BSNES is essentially a SNES in terms of accuracy of emulation.

You can try Snes9X though. It should work.

I’ve actually never tried it. I’m more after the 4:3 very subtly enhanced experience.

Excellent! That’s the kind of experience I’m talking about.

This is because they’re all built upon one another and intertwined. So when I experiment with something and it works it’s like all the presets after that level up and they continue branching out of that solid foundation.

But I still like the old stuff because it’s also good and it adds variety to the pack. Sometimes I experiment and a newer preset isn’t exactly going to look better than an older one in every possible way but that’s the path to progress many times. As you can see, there are a lot of variables that one can tinker with so the possibillities are limitless.

By the way at this time I’d like to give a shout out to some other Shader/Shader Preset Pack projects out there.

There are some other folks doing some good work as well which you can also sample.

This is said to be the most accurate CRT Shader. It’s also surprisingly lightweight for what it can accomplish.

There is a version of this actually included in HSM Mega Bezel Reflection Shader so you don’t have to give up your reflective Bezel if you don’t want to.

This is from @Nesguy, someone who’s so obsessed with accuracy, I don’t know if he even enjoys playing games anymore.

This is from an old veteran of the scene. I even used his Shader Pack in the past. He wasn’t seen around these parts for a while, then he just came back on the scene and released this bombshell of a Shader Preset Pack!

…And this is Sonkun’s pack! Roaring out of the more artistic/novelty shader preset style towards becoming more and more realistic and accurate with every release!

I made that transition myself with a huge helping of gentle persuasion by the ever present (although not as much these days) @Nesguy.

Then I recently came across this completely new (at least to RetroArch) Shader for RetroArch from @kokoko3k. It’s looking decent and contains reflective bezels as well, which I believe may have been assisted by the original and venerable @HyperspaceMadness himself.

I must also mention this which is the shader of shaders on which most of the greatest Shader Preset Packs are based on by the ever giving @guest.r!

And last but certainly not least…

Which is like the lightweight baby brother of CRT-Guest-Advanced that runs on microwave ovens and toasters, nah, just kidding. It can run on mobile devices and by the looks of what it outputs, punches way above its weightclass.


I was essentially asking to have a core to try the filters with. But cool, happy to be part of the BSNES team now.

Bro nvr again. Tht was a decision made coming from a place not knowing anythn bout anythn. HD must be better, right… :skull:

I thought I was just about to surface for air, but nah str8 back into the rabbit hole.

Jokes aside, after about the 2 years tht it’ll take me to fully experiment with all your work not counting w/e the future holds, I’m gna have to give all this a try lol

And just bc sometimes life is stranger than fiction, this is actually the work that brought me here in the first place. Somebody posted this in a discord server and head first into the darkness.

Crz how this happens sometimes. You get sucked into a passion project and the pursuit for perfection doesn’t leave room for much else.

Am I naive to think I can just download these and inject them into their corresponding folder in RetroArch overwriting anythn already there?

Again bro, you don’t leave me much choice but to thank you for this wealth of information. Thank you.


I wasn’t being sarcastic when I said you cab try Snes9X nor was I exaggerating when I said BSNES is essentially a SNES in terms of Accuracy. Snes9X is pretty accurate as well nowadays and it can run Blargg Presets fine, including my custom ones.

Slightly, different shaders and preset packs might have their own unique installation instructions which shoukd be included in their respective threads. Some of them require no additional installation steps as they’re already included in RetroArch or available through the Online Updater, but you would still have to do some reading in order to use them properly though.

I didn’t forget but didn’t want to go overboard but you can also check out @TheNamec’s amazing Commodore Pack as well as mentioned before @soqueroeu’s Mega Bezel TV Bezels.

You already know about @Duimon Mega Bezel Overlays so I don’t have to mention that but then there’s @Orionsangel’s awesome Realistic Arcade Bezel Project and quite a few other vertical bezel projects and @hgoda90’s Mega Bezel Graphic Varieties project which started off mainly as project further customizing other existing projects before starting to include some original stuff of his own.


Sweet. I saw a couple @Orionsangel 's youtube videos before coming on here.

The bezels are cool but imo the shaders are the bread and butter. The cleaner the bezel, the more it keeps your focus on wht’s on the screen. Tht’s just my view though.

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Haha I had fun reading that post, that post should be pinned somewhere for all newcomers coming into this shader world, you pretty much covered all the heavy hitters including the lightweight glsl shader, I love tweaking that little baby every now and then. Thanks for the shout out man.

I’m glad to see that my pack brought you into this world and I’m glad you like my work. Just like Cyber pointed out you got so many choices and different types of flavors of shaders to play around with here. Be sure to check out my latest shader pack as well (12/22/2022) with my new composite 3-phase ntsc presets to get all your nes, snes games looking sexier than ever.


Can I just throw tht update into the sonkun folder and overwrite?


That should work. Try it out and see how it goes. If not just delete the old sonkun folder and put the latest one in.


You have fans over @ the Series S|X RetroArch discord. Your shaders were making the rounds over there a few days ago.


I love that right there. Ever since Retro Crisis made those videos about my shaders I noticed a surge in the downloads of my presets, it almost reached 1k before I put up the latest pack. I wonder if they all know about the latest update pack.


Speaking as someone very new in the space… it’s tough to keep up with the updates bc it’s on that specific person to keep checking up on the forum.

Not saying there’s anything you can do differently, just honest feedback from someone very new to the space.

Mad grateful to @Cyber, he’s taking a good amount of his time to show me the ropes :pray:


True indeed. I should head on over there myself and drop my latest bomb on them lol. Do you have a direct link to that discord?

Yeah Cyber is very informative so you’re definitely talking to the right person there when it comes to shaders etc.


• Discord | #general | Xbox Emulation Hub


Hmm I’m clicking the link but it doesn’t take me there


try tht


Thank you, I’m in. Now I just need to find the sub section that you’re talking about.

Nvm got it, it’s in general