[4.2] Recommended Shaders

Could someone recommend some shaders for the following consoles/handhelds? I’m looking for the closest match to the actual hardware.

Atari 2600, Atari Lynx, Atari Jaguar, FBNeo, Nintendo Gameboy



These might do the trick:


Thanks Cyber. I’ll give these a try.


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You’re gonna need my custom Blargg NTSC Filter Presets in order to get the most out of some of them though. They should be included in the latest nightly build of RetroArch.

I’ll try to see if I can re-post them at least until they’re in the stable RetroArch build.

I’m new to shaders and customizations in general. Do you think they will affect the peformance as I’m running on a dual core with 4GB ram. The reason I ask is because I tried the built-in Mame one which caused a bit of a slow down during gameplay.


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Dual-core still doesn’t say much. What CPU model? What GPU?

I have have some presets that will run on modern midrange cell phones.

If you want something really light weight and high quality, you might also want to look into stand alone GDV-MINI or Sony Megatron Color Video Monitor Shaders.

As for my presets, the lightest ones are in the MBZ__5__POTATO_GDV-MINI_No Reflections folder, followed bu the MBZ_3_STANDARD_FULL_REFLECTIONS folder, then the MBZ_2_ADVANCE_NO_REFLECTIONS.

CRT Shaders do require some processing power, mainly GPU. Some require more than others.

Here are some nice handheld ones:

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The CPU is AMD Brazos Dual Core E-450 1.65GHz. Thanks for the links above.


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I think that’s really weak CPU/GPU combination (10 years old Radeon 6320 or so?) so I would stick to gdv-mini standalone. Don’t know if it can handle that too. If it doesn’t then try something like crt-potato, crt-nes-mini.

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Time to put that out to the pasture my friend.

Try and see if you can at least get your hands on a Ryzen 5 2200G, 3200G, 4350G or 5600G APU or even an older 2nd Gen Intel Core i5 or 1st Gen AMD Ryzen 5 or better CPU with at least an AMD RX 560 or nVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 or better GPU for some real action!

Oh well, I’ll have to use without any shaders :(. Runs fine with default setup but thanks for your advice.


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Not at all.

There are older and less performance intensive shaders that you can use. Also Blargg NTSC Filters + Scanline Overlays.

You’ll just need something more modern to take advantage of some of the newer advances in CRT shaders.

I suggest you go through the list of shaders in the CRT folder to see what works with your setup.

I’m almost sure you can run CRT-easymode or CRT-easymode-halation. So you can combine that with Blargg NTSC Filters. I made some custom ones that work with many different cores. You can get these in my CyberLab Custom Blargg NTSC Filter Presets package or in the latest RetroArch nightly.

You can also use Blargg NTSC Filters available in different Cores’ Options Menus.

Feel free to post some screenshots of your results!